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Councils about tailoring and to leaving for man's, female and even a kidswear. Information for every taste: from sportswear to fashionable and elite. And, of course, the help in a choice for pregnant women.
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Fashionable bathing suits 2015
Модные купальники 2015Swimming season in the heat and you still have a chance to choose a fashionable bathing suit. What does the fashion of this season offer us? Frankness, sex appeal or modesty? This summer each girl has an opportunity favourably to emphasize beauty of the forms by means of a bathing suit. How to choose a fashionable bathing suit for summer of this year, we also will talk.
Combination of flowers in clothes
Сочетание цветов в одеждеThe few women are able to combine correctly colors in own clothes, experiencing difficulties in a clothes combination. And after all from this the stylish image also consists. Happens so that on the woman beautiful and expensive clothes, but in its shape something not so. And business here not in understanding of fashion and style, and mostly – in the law of perception of color.
How to lace up sneakers
Как шнуровать кроссовкиToday each of us dreams to look stylishly and originally. This tendency and those who chose sports style in clothes bypassed. But here the ill luck how following it to bring a highlight in the daily image?! Designers found the answer to this question and invented some types of the interesting and fixing an eye lacings for sneakers. picked up a top of the most popular of them.
How to clean pellets from clothes
Как убрать катышки с одеждыMany people when carrying woolen and knitted products often are disturbed by such problem as emergence of small small knots. The felted fibers of threads spoil appearance of clothes, and the favourite jacket or a sviterok often should be postponed, and even at all not to carry. How to get rid of small balls on clothes?
As it is correct to carry snud
Как правильно носить снудFor many of us the scarf is an integral part of clothes. It warms someone in a frost and an icy cold, and for someone is a basic element in creation of an image. Stylists developed a practical and cozy scarf-snud for judges of fashionable novelties. Thanks to the universality it allows to create and add any image – from daily to festive.
How to smooth a leather jacket
Как разгладить кожаную курткуWith approach of a new season suitable things get from a case and are given to the necessary standard. Sometimes it is possible to find out that the favourite leather jacket was trampled down by not esthetic folds. There are some simple ways to get rid of bruise of the bagatelle made of a genuine leather and thus it is absolutely optional to run for help in a dry-cleaner.
With what to wear chinosa trousers
С чем носить брюки чиносыToday both among women, and among men chinosa trousers became very popular. And it is not surprising! After all in them everyone will feel not only comfortably, but also stylishly. The style of trousers is so universal that you will be able to put on them with anything and anywhere. The main thing - to learn it is correct to combine them with other elements of your image.
How to clean fur in house conditions
Как почистить мех в домашних условияхIt seemed, you bought winter clothes with a fur collar only recently. You already washed a jacket down-padded coat, and about a fur collar - forgot. It is impossible to erase fur products therefore we will learn to clean fur independently in the automatic washing machine.
Ping-ap style in clothes
Пин-ап стиль в одеждеStyle a pin-ap is a cult phenomenon which thanks to a combination of romanticism, seducement and an easy sensuality will never lose the popularity. If to explain everything in a few words, the pin-ap is an image of such girl who possesses magnificent forms, but is so naive that does not even suspect about as far as she is desired and seductive for men.
Models of skirts for the full
Модели юбок для полныхAt all times the most sexual attire for the woman was the skirt. And if the lady also the owner of magnificent forms, a skirt in its clothes has to be a thing No. 1. Completeness — it not an occasion "to hide" in baggy clothes, trying to hide shortcomings. On the contrary, the stylish fashion is urged to emphasize advantages and feminity of completeness today.
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