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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of a pulpitis Diseases
Лечение пульпитаDental clinic … Oh, as people are afraid to visit this medical institution! Tooth ached, in it the hole was obviously formed, but the person plays for everything and plays for time, everything postpones and postpones visit to the stomatologist. And after all it can lead to a pulpitis. We do not want anybody to frighten, but nevertheless we will tell about this disease, methods of its treatment and the threatening complications.
Use of birch tar The other
Применение березового дегтяI hold a small flakonchik which contents solve a set of problems in hand. Today our conversation will go about a preparation with which in old times treated practically all illnesses, it is birch tar. In article we will tell you, against what diseases it is possible to win, applying birch tar and it is the as correct most to prepare medicine.
Treatment of intercostal neuralgia Diseases
Лечение межрёберной невралгииHappens that at the person the area of his thorax suddenly is sharply penetrated by pain. And even arises thought in the head: Whether "The heart attack happened?". You should not hurry with similar conclusions. Perhaps, it thus has an effect intercostal neuralgia. Readers learn from article how to cope with painful pain. will offer recommendations about treatment, will help to distinguish an illness.
Qi-Klim, instruction on application Drugs
Ци-Клим, инструкция по применениюIn the period of a climax (menopause) in an organism of the woman there are multistage series of changes which are closely connected with reduction of development of sexual hormones. Often end of the reproductive period is followed by a great number of unpleasant "fellow travelers".
Treatment of a hypothyroidism Diseases
Лечение гипотиреозаWhen the thyroid gland owing to certain reasons a long time does not develop enough hormones, the hypothyroidism develops. And though the disease can develop at any age, it prevails in the ranks of women of 45-50 years.
Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis Diseases
Лечение шейного остеохондрозаOsteochondrosis is the most widespread disease in the modern world. According to all available data from World Health Organization practically every fifth person on the planet who crossed a thirty-year boundary suffers from it.
Treatment of migraine Diseases
Лечение мигрениMigraine – the extremely painful and unpredictable disease. Since ancient times of people studied this illness which in a consequence was referred to category of "noble". Migraines were subject the wisest this world – governors, priests, clergy. Migraine is known to mankind many centuries, and today about 20% of adult population of the planet suffer from periodic strong headaches.
Diet No. 15 Hygiene of food
Диета №15The diet No. 15 is considered a transitional diet to usual food. She is usually appointed patient who do not need observance of any special medical diets. The purpose of this diet is providing normal and good nutrition in hospital conditions.
Viferon, candles Drugs
Виферон, свечиViferon in drugstores is in great demand. Follow it with the recipe from different doctors – pediatricians, therapists, gynecologists. This preparation is allowed to be applied the newborn and even to pregnant women. suggests to understand – why the preparation is so popular?
Urolesan's application Drugs
Применение УролесанаSometimes, that at the most inappropriate moment at the person colic begins kidney (or hepatic). How to appease painful pain? Urolesan who can be useful in similar situations suggests to pay attention to a phytopreparation. It will be a question of its structure, all medicinal properties, a dosage, indications to application.
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