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Cosmetics and perfumery

Councils for a choice of elite and medical cosmetics - lipstick, nail varnish, mascara, shampoo, sun-protection cream. Learn how it is correct to do a make-up and manicure.
Cosmetics and perfumery: all articles
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Israeli cosmetics of Deaura
Израильская косметика DeauraWith age to women everything is more difficult to support beauty of skin and hair, it is all about the inevitable processes of aging, and also in influence of negative factors, such as: bad ecology, stresses, low-quality products and so on. But these problems do not excite those who uses the Israeli cosmetics of Deaura, and in responses it is confirmed.
How to use a concealer for the person
Как пользоваться консилером для лицаStill in the ancient time the Roman matrons used gifts of the nature to emphasize the beauty. Various voice-frequency cream and a mask used in Egypt, Babylon. Here and today women of the whole world dream to become still a krasha. Fortunately, present cosmetic preparations allow to achieve improbable results.
Micellar water for removal of a make-up
Мицеллярная вода для снятия макияжаMany already tried on themselves miracle influence of thermal water, but progress does not stand still, and in this season there was popular a micellar water. Heard hundreds about it, tried tens, but every day this cosmetology innovation gets the increasing number of admirers. What is the micellar water and how it helps to support natural beauty?
How to apply foundation
Как наносить тональный кремFoundation of the woman got used to mask roughnesses on a face, heat-spots and dark stains. But the main destination of foundation is to level face skin. From how it will be made, and the result depends.
Putting semi-permanent ink
Нанесение полуперманентной тушиWhen drawing a make-up special attention is always paid to eyes is an indisputable fact. And not for nothing, after all they are the most expressive part of the face of any woman. And eyelashes play in it not the latest role.
Highlighter for the person
Хайлайтер для лицаCurrent trends in the world of fashion generate all new ways of decoration of a female body. In this regard the cosmetic industry presented to public attention such means as a highlighter.
Use of mineral cosmetics
Использование минеральной косметикиThe mineral cosmetics was actual a set of centuries in a row and today again finds the lost glory. Still beauties of Ancient Egypt allocated with lead powder eyes, and as eye shadow used paste on a copper basis. Today the cosmetics from minerals — is ideal and safe option for each woman.
We select a face serum
Подбираем сыворотку для лицаModern society places strong emphasis on appearance. Care of skin not an exception, apparently, that new and interesting products appear on shelves of shops almost daily. A face serum one of new products in cosmetology.
How to choose a pheromone perfume
Как выбрать духи с феромонамиOur cave ancestors were hardly delighted by a smell of a violet or a lily of the valley. Agree when every day it is necessary to fight for a survival, the thought of magic aromas of flowers comes to the last turn.
Hydrophilic oil for washing – a holiday for skin
Гидрофильное масло для умывания – праздник для кожиThe number of enthusiastic fans of natural cosmetics grows every day. Cosmetic on the basis of natural ingredients "will not offend" your skin, will only make even more beautifully. Judge, environmentally friendly means for care of appearance do not contain hormones, preservatives and synthetic dyes; vitamins and useful mineral substances – their bargaining chips.
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