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Councils for a choice of fashionable accessories to clothes, stylish ladies' bags, jewelry, belts and sunglasses. Learn how not to be deceived upon purchase of jewelry and hours.
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How to determine the size of gloves
Как определить размер перчатокMany consider that upon purchase of gloves the nobility as their sizes are marked, absolutely optional. And it is natural, after all having tried on some couples, we buy the most suitable and we leave happy with new acquisition. However taking into account that today any purchases can be done in online stores, at registration of the order it will not turn out to carry out fitting.
How to choose glasses in a shape of a face
Как подобрать очки по форме лицаPoints are intended for correction of sight of the person. But it was earlier. Now this accessory is as well an element of an image which will emphasize identity of the person and will give it a certain gravity.
How to check gold for authenticity
Как проверить золото на подлинностьRemember a proverb "All that glitters is not gold"? Also it is necessary to be guided by it at a choice of jewelry. Unfortunately, in the world there are a lot of swindlers who under the guise of gold sell anything therefore it will be more reliable to be able to understand where the real precious metal.
How to connect a bag from garbage packages
Как связать сумку из мусорных пакетовToday became very popular to find application for old unnecessary things, waste or it is simple to make useful hand-made articles of, apparently, materials absolutely improper for this purpose. And if about flowerpots from old ware and a shelf from boxes our grandmothers knew still, the last trend – bags from garbage packages!
All pros and cons of purchase of the copy of hours of a known brand
Все «за» и «против» покупки копии часов известного брендаMany experts of marketing claim that if the XX century was considered as time of originals, the XXI century is time of copies. If to assess situations in all spheres of life including in marketing, it becomes clear, how many the truth it is covered in this expression.
Fashionable bags 2014
Модные сумки 2014Here not the first ten years a bag is one of the main components of clothes of the woman. And its functionality far is not limited today to carrying of the most necessary things.
Cuff links: councils, rules, recommendations of stylists
Запонки: советы, правила, рекомендации стилистовCuff links – a surprising accessory which was always considered as destiny of the elite. Cuff links exist long ago, their first emergence refer to the XVII century. Since then, they, of course, strongly changed, and the most popular lock of fastening of cuff links appeared in 1924.
Arrow on a mark "style". Top-5 hours of a season
Стрелка на отметке «стиль». Топ-5 часов сезонаWatch is a not only useful accessory, but also a style element today. The classics, sport, a vintage - what style you would not adhere, hours will only emphasize your aspiration to look harmoniously.
Jewelry for hair the hands
Украшения для волос своими рукамиBeautiful hoops, elastics, zakolochka – these accessories are pleasant to all girls, girls and women. And want to learn to do original jewelry for hair by the hands? You think, what it is very difficult? On the contrary! Production of jewelry for hair – very fascinating and not so difficult occupation.
Accessories for costume jewelry
Фурнитура для бижутерииTerminology in the field of accessories for costume jewelry is constantly replenished and corrected. This article for all fans of beautiful bagatelles, costume jewelry of handwork, for beginners and simply creative people. Almost for certain you learn a lot of new to yourself.
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