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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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Restoration of sight on Bates's method
Восстановление зрения по методу БейтсаMany people over the years acquire not only knowledge and experience, but also problems with sight. Diseases of eyes can be different, beginning from short-sightedness and far-sightedness and finishing with an astigmatism. As strongly many people who faced a similar problem dream to return sight back. It appears, it is possible to restore health of eyes if to do special gymnastics of Bates.
Vitamins for heart
Витамины для сердцаIn modern conditions the intense vital rhythm became norm of life. Feeling periodically an indisposition and weakness, some people miss that fact that these feelings can be connected with heart. The matter is that under the influence of nervous tension this vital can quicker wear out, than manages to be restored.
As the kolposkopiya is carried out
Как проводится кольпоскопияThat the gynecologist could recommend effective therapy to the patient who came to reception, certainly, at first it is required to make the exact diagnosis. With it the doctor is helped by various researches, one of them – a kolposkopiya. This method allows not only to reveal pathology, but also to prevent development of an illness.
As the allergy to a condom is shown
Как проявляется аллергия на презервативSafe sex – guarantee of health as men, and women. About it start learning younger generation nearly from the cradle today. And the most known and widespread means of protection from pregnancy and venereal diseases is, certainly, a condom.
Wryneck at newborns
Кривошея у новорожденныхCongenital muscular pathology of a neck which compels the newborn baby all the time to hold the head turned in one party, is called as a wryneck. The disease firmly fixing a neck of the baby in one situation, maybe acquired after the birth.
Preparation for gastroscopy
Подготовка к гастроскопииMore and more people problems with a stomach and digestion disturb. Someone has an eructation, heartburn, at others – burning, discomfort (a raspiraniye, weight) or pain in that place where the stomach is placed. In such cases correctly to make the diagnosis, and then to appoint effective therapy, the doctor channelizes on gastroscopy.
Treatment of adrenalovy crisis
Лечение адреналового кризаAdrenalovy, or addisonicheskiya, crisis is an extreme complication of an illness of Addison. The state develops against the hardest defeat and dysfunction of bark of adrenal glands. Usually doctors find it difficult to answer, whether the person from consequences of this illness will be able to recover.
How to strengthen vessels
Как укрепить сосудыWith age many people even more often have headaches, weakness, dizziness, meteosensitivity amplifies, memory worsens … It is a signal that the condition of vascular system worsens. Whether it is possible to strengthen a tone of vessels and to maintain their elasticity and elasticity? At some simple recommendations for readers are laid up.
As the rektoromanoskopiya is carried out
Как проводится ректороманоскопияRektoromanoskopiya in practice of the coloproctologist – the widespread way of research allowing to learn a condition of a rectum and the lower part of a sigmovidny gut. Shorter name – a rektoroskopiya. Whether it is necessary to prepare for this procedure? How it passes? Will tell about the device used by the expert, and other important aspects.
As the intestines kolonoskopiya is carried out
Как проводится колоноскопия кишечникаNow proctologists consider a kolonoskopiya as very informative, exact and safe method allowing them to survey all large intestine of the patient who asks for the help concerning problems with intestines. About opportunities of this diagnostic procedure, a carrying out technique, contraindications the speech in the offered article will go.
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