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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of dysbacteriosis Diseases
Лечение дисбактериозаStatistically about 90% of adult population and more than 95% of children become hostages of dysbacteriosis today. Advertizing of preparations which quickly and qualitatively restore health of intestinal microflora, already "dinned" to us into the ears! Nevertheless that such a bacteriosis, many imagine very foggy and figuratively. Why our intestines "are ill" and as to help it, tell
Treatment of chronic pancreatitis Diseases
Лечение хронического панкреатитаChronic pancreatitis represents a pancreas inflammation. Quite often the people having this disease go to the doctor at an aggravation. Thus the disease can already last some years. During this time patients quite often self-medicate that is very hazardous to health and fraught with sad consequences.
Use of tincture of an ekhinatsea The other
Применение настойки эхинацеиLong since Aesculapians considered that huge salutary reserves are hidden in a human body. It is necessary to know only how it is correct to stimulate them. Harmonious and effective work of immune system allows the person to overcome any disease. And equal not to find an ekhinatsea in this area.
Treatment of a gingivit Diseases
Лечение гингивитаGingivit - the most widespread inflammatory disease of the fabrics surrounding tooth. Most often children, teenagers and young people who it was not executed also to thirty yet face it.
Use of Nitroglycerine Drugs
Применение НитроглицеринаI remember, my grandfather always carried with himself in a jacket pocket the Nitroglycerine packing. And many times these small tabletochka rescued it from heart attack. Now this means of the emergency help allowing heart "motor" of the person to cope with the excessive loading which comprehended it it is possible to get in any drugstore.
Polyps in a nose, removal and treatment Diseases
Полипы в носу, удаление и лечениеPolyps though are small educations, but discomfort which they bring, very unpleasant. Polyps call a benign tumor which usually starts growing in bosoms of a nose and goes down in a nose cavity. Thus they close respiratory pass. Because of it there are trouble breathing. Quite often is the reason of chronic fatigue and sometimes and the reason of deterioration of hearing.
Scale Apgar: assessment of a condition of the child The other
Шкала Апгар: оценка состояния ребенкаAt once after the birth each kid passes the first in life test – points are exposed on the Scale Apgar here. Such estimated system was created specially that doctors could draw the first conclusions on a condition of the newborn.
How to cause the monthly Gynecology
Как вызвать месячныеEach woman faces a problem of an irregular monthly cycle sooner or later. The reasons can be different, but sometimes it is required to cause periods to restore a normal cycle or "to endure" it quicker before an important event. In this article will acquaint you with several effective methods for calling of the monthly.
Means from louses of Nit Free (Nit Fri) Drugs
Средства от вшей Nit Free (Нит Фри)The disease of a pediculosis is known to mankind on an extent of the millennia, but, despite this fact, it was not succeeded to eradicate it still. Therefore even in our century of high technologies the problem of a pediculosis is very actual.
Fruit hypoxia Gynecology
Гипоксия плодаExpectation of the child - the lightest and disturbing stage in life of each woman. This time of pleasant experiences and hopes when about bad there is no wish to think at all, and future mother is not ready to perceive bad news about health - the or the kid. However the reality is relentless: nobody is insured from unpleasant, and at times and scary diagnoses. One of them - a hypoxia.
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