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Councils and consultations for gynecology. Articles about female health, about gynecologic diseases, etc. And also everything that is connected with obstetrics (maintaining and preparation for pregnancy and childbirth).
Gynecology: all articles
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What is the biochemical pregnancy
Что такое биохимическая беременностьIt is interesting, what the woman will think if to tell her, what for the last year pregnancy at her came 1-2, and even 3 times in a row? It, most likely, will twist a finger at a temple, having accepted told for a tactless joke. Sounds, it is indeed wild, but in actual fact turns out to be true.
Pregnancy after Cesarean section
Беременность после кесарева сеченияNew pregnancy after Cesarean section is planned by about 30% of women as special contraindications to it are not present except that sometimes such pregnancy is interfaced to certain difficulties. Optimum time for repeated conception – in 3 years, is enough this time that the organism of the woman was restored after operation, and hems on a uterus were tightened.
As the contraceptive ring works
Как действует противозачаточное кольцоThe main requirement to any contraceptive – safety, simplicity in use and comfort. No wonder that in this sphere of medicine experts try to achieve perfection all the time, creating all new contraceptive preparations and adaptations. Today such novelty is the contraceptive hormonal ring of Novaring, and ladies know not all how to use it.
Treatment of an adneksit
Лечение аднекситаTimely treatment of inflammatory infections of external genitals (vulvit and vaginit) leads to fast recovery of the woman. If it is thoughtless to treat a problem, pathogenic microorganisms get from a vagina into ovaries and uterine tubes, provoking development of a strong inflammation there.
Pelvic prelying of a fruit
Тазовое предлежание плодаPregnancy – the most disturbing time in the woman's life. Future mummies with a sinking heart listen to the feelings and constantly are anxious, whether all as it should be with their kid? Unfortunately, some of them really have bases to worry concerning the "interesting" situation. For example, at the diagnosis "pelvic prelying of a fruit".
Nettle at the monthly
Крапива при месячныхMany women faced a problem of approach of the critical days which are followed by considerable blood loss, an indisposition and weakness. There are some ways to facilitate the state during this period, among them independently there are folk remedies with soft action, useful to improvement of an organism.
Treatment of a vaginit
Лечение вагинитаFor designation of the permanent inflammatory reaction in a vagina caused by certain reasons, doctors quite often use two equivalent terms – vaginit also a colpitis. The illness is shown suddenly: an itch, burning and painful discomfort during an urination.
Contraceptive spiral as contraception method
Противозачаточная спираль как метод контрацепцииAn increasing number of women resort to a modern method of contraception – to introduction of an intrauterine spiral. Unlike temporary contraceptives the spiral has longer effect and protects from undesirable pregnancy for 5-10 years.
How to do the test for pregnancy
Как делать тест на беременностьNow an increasing number of women prefers to define independently pregnancy existence, or to be convinced of its absence by means of so-called express tests for pregnancy. Simply to carry out similar fast diagnostics, for this purpose it is not required special medical knowledge.
How to consider a cycle of the monthly
Как считать цикл месячныхThe woman – the beginning of all Universe, after all the nature allocated it with invaluable ability to give life. This surprising feature often brings to a fine half of mankind a certain discomfort in the form of periods, pregnancy and childbirth. But women learned to transfer quietly all "surprises" of physiology, having thoroughly studied secrets and secrets of the organism.
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