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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Hygiene of food: all articles
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Weight loss on a diet a short flight of stairs
Похудение по диете лесенкаThe trip at the sea is necessary to you or you want to draw to yourself attention at a party. But pleases nothing because it is a shame to seem on a beach, and the beautiful evening dress does not meet. What to do when it is necessary to come quickly to a form and to get rid of extra kilos? The interesting and simple technique – a diet a short flight of stairs comes to the rescue.
Diet of geishas
Диета гейшIt is unlikely among girls and women will be though one which does not want to have a thin, fine-molded figure. On what many ladies only do not decide to come to ideal forms. Trainings, wrappings, the exhausting diets not always yield good result. In that case it is worth trying interesting and very effective technique – a diet of geishas which is more than 100 years old!
Features of a diet of turmoils
Особенности диеты бучToday on the Internet anyone can find to himself a diet "to taste" but how among huge variety to choose that which would act effectively and thus did not bring special discomfort? Judging by recent trends, such diet is TURMOILS – the proteinaceous and carbohydrate diet of alternation combining two various groups of products – proteins and carbohydrates.
What is the functional food
Что такое функциональное питаниеFunctional food helps with cases when the person has no opportunity to watch the mode and to play sports. Mean existence in a diet of valuable and rare elements which positively influence immunity of an organism by this concept, prevent development of some diseases and strengthen the general emotional and physical background of the person.
That it is possible to eat after six
Что можно есть после шестиAlready quite long time dietitians claim that the opinion that it is impossible to eat after 6 o'clock in the evening not only mistakenly, but also can be pernicious for your health. As well as in any other business, it is important to adhere to a measure and some special rules here, but it is impossible to starve by no means.
Menu of an alkaline diet
Меню щелочной диетыThe alkaline diet is generally directed on clarification of an organism, but with its help it is possible to dump enough extra kilos. Its essence consists in the use of fruit and vegetables, to minimizing of quantity of products of an animal origin.
Menu of a detoks-diet
Меню детокс-диетыOur organism is equipped with powerful "filter" which is capable to bring all toxins and slags getting to it together with low-quality food, the alcohol polluted by air, caffeine out of an organism. But the bad ecology, genetically modified products, constant stresses promote that this mechanism often glitches. And here detoks-diets popular around the world come to the rescue.
Diet at cholecystitis
Диета при холециститеCholecystitis is an inflammation of a gall bladder which can result from improper feeding. This disease often develops owing to a lack of vegetable fibers of the products used by the person. Because of what occur stagnation in bile, and inflammatory process develops. The inactive way of life and existence in a diet of fat and sweet food can become the reason of it.
Saltless diet
Бессолевая диетаSalt is irreplaceable ingredient in preparation of any dish. But its surplus can become a source of a problem of excess weight with which many women continued deal. After all salt has ability to detain in an organism liquid that in turn stops a metabolism.
Fasting days for weight loss
Разгрузочные дни для похуденияAs fasting days are familiar with such concept many but very few people reflect in what the real advantage of carrying out such days consists. After all at competent approach to unloading of an organism it is quite possible to get healthier, be cleared of slags and toxins, and also to lose excess weight.
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