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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Pimafutsin's application Drugs
Применение ПимафуцинаTo ache with vaginal candidiasis or the milkwoman (so still call this disease) can as the adult woman having children, who was not giving birth still the student or the schoolgirl at whom periods began quite recently. A disease it is unfortunately very widespread, ways of the solution of this delicate problem exists much.
How to get rid of panic attacks The other
Как избавиться от панических атакAll of us often are anxious: for the future, for health of relatives, for progress of children at school. So the person treats things really expensive to his heart in life. Alarm - useful emotion. With its help an organism, developing stress hormones, copes with problems easier. When the alarm gains pathological lines, the person falls a victim of panic attack.
Uterus tone at pregnancy Gynecology
Тонус матки при беременностиFuture mother waiting for the kid should test all "delights" of pregnancy: nausea in the mornings, hypostases, cardinal change of gastronomic addictions and, of course, uterus tone. Today will tell, in what cases intensity of body in which the kid develops, is dangerous and as this danger to neutralize.
Treatment of obesity Diseases
Лечение ожиренияThe first extra kilos come imperceptibly. First hard clasped pugovichka on favourite jeans raises a smile but if not to take a measure, will pass not enough time, will become not to laughter: today more than one billion people in the world suffer from obesity.
Female condoms The other
Женские презервативыMany heard about them, some only guess their existence and very few people tried to use. Why to buy something novel and new if there is a traditional man's condom which in the market of contraceptives is not going to concede the positions. Today suggests to talk about female condoms, their efficiency and, of course, about the instruction on use.
Extracorporal fertilization Gynecology
Экстракорпоральное оплодотворениеIn the modern world of a family in increasing frequency face such terrible problem as infertility. And from it both men, and women equally suffer. Fortunately, thanks to modern progress and development of innovative technologies there is a number of ways of fight against infertility. One of them – extracorporal fertilization. Today will try to understand this method.
Treatment of a displaziya of a neck of a uterus Diseases
Лечение дисплазии шейки маткиDisplaziy neck of a uterus call a gynecologic disease which is characterized by change of cellular structure of a mucous membrane of a neck of a uterus. This disease most often arises at the age of 25-35 years.
Aktovegin's application Drugs
Применение АктовегинаSometimes fabrics of our organism need activization in them exchange processes, additional feed, stimulation of restoration of the damaged cages. Then the preparation Aktovegin can help. It is appointed not only at insufficient intake of blood to departments of a brain, but also to pregnant women that pre-natal development of a fruit proceeded correctly and the healthy kid was born.
Treatment of distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy Diseases
Лечение дисциркуляторной энцефалопатииRecently in increasing frequency it is possible to hear from people not only advanced years, but also belonging to younger on age complaints on often disturbing them: a headache, dizziness, noise whether in ears, whether in the head, sleeplessness. Besides also memory with working capacity considerably decrease...
Natural antibiotics The other
Природные антибиотикиIn the nature there are many products and plants by means of which it is possible to treat various diseases. With success to replace unhealthy the person pharmaceutical drugs natural antibiotics will help.
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