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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Use of ointment Baktroban Drugs
Применение мази БактробанTo cope with skin infections or to relieve the patient of staphylococcus in a nose, doctors write out modern means – ointment Baktroban. Our article will tell about what effect has this preparation as to apply it, whether by-effects at treatment are possible.
Pains in the bottom of a stomach at women Gynecology
Боли внизу живота у женщинPainful feelings in the bottom of a stomach – the most common cause of complaints at women. The reasons and manifestations of symptoms can considerably differ as the set of bodies is located in an abdominal cavity, each of which hurts in own way and attracts the consequences.
Treatment of schizophrenia Diseases
Лечение шизофренииSchizophrenia - a serious mental disease which destroys consciousness of the person. The identity of the patient cardinally changes - unfortunate steeps to the world of personal experiences and loses contact with world around. Whether there is at such people a chance of full-fledged life?
Menu of a petal diet Hygiene of food
Меню лепестковой диетыWhatever one may do, and nobody cancelled desire to be harmonous. And, in spite of the fact that the summer season is almost open, relevance of weight loss by a beach season remains very high. To lose extra kilos and thus each girl dreams not to starve, probably. Many despair, having gone to seed, and the most active try to adhere to various diets.
Reaction to a mant at children The other
Реакция манту у детейModern parents treat vaccination watchfully. And if with typically children's diseases inoculations (measles, "mumps", whooping cough) more or less everything is clear, notorious and at the same time mysterious test Manta causes the mass of questions. Really, how small "button" on skin will protect the kid from tuberculosis?
Treatment of neurodermatitis of the Illness
Лечение нейродермитаNeurodermatitis - chronic inflammatory damage of skin of a neuroallergic origin. This quite widespread disease from which both adults, and children suffer. invites the readers to discuss all possible ways of treatment of this unpleasant illness.
Application of a contraceptive plaster Gynecology
Применение противозачаточного пластыряIn modern medicine there are many methods of the prevention of undesirable pregnancy. However recently women even more often prefer to use for this purpose quite young type of a contraceptive – a contraceptive plaster which managed to prove from the good party. After all besides the main function, it is capable to restore hormonal balance.
The raised testosterone at women The other
Повышенный тестостерон у женщинSome mistakenly call testosterone exclusively man's hormone, after all it strongly is associated with "the man's force". It is considered that its level in blood defines not only external signs of courage, but also sexual behavior. Really, testosterone is the main hormone which is present at blood of any representative of a strong half of mankind.
Treatment of pain in a shoulder Diseases
Лечение боли в плечеA shoulder pain - the phenomenon widespread. And the reasons of emergence of similar unpleasant feelings because of which the movements become held down, they should be limited, it is possible to call a set. Most often pains are connected with the adhesive kapsulit leading to violations of working ability of the person, decline in quality of his life.
Reynaud's illness, symptoms and treatment Diseases
Болезнь Рейно, симптомы и лечениеReynaud's illness, or Reynaud's phenomenon, call a rare disease of arteries of hands and feet. What occurs in an organism? Because of hyperexcitability of nervous system of a wall of vessels are spontaneously reduced and blood supply of extremities is broken. So on skin of brushes and feet there are bloodless sites - ischemia.
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