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Household goods

Councils for a choice of household goods and household chemicals. Let's help with purchase necessary, beginning from ware, etc. kitchen accessories to cleaning and detergents, economic stock and other goods.
Household goods: all articles
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Use of a melamine sponge
Использование меламиновой губкиMelamine sponges in the market of cleaning goods appeared a few years ago, but disputes on than what in them it is more still do not cease: advantage or harm? The Internet dazzles with articles, as about miracle properties of melamine to get deep into surfaces and to remove even century dirt, and about danger which is concealed in itself by a small sponge. Where the truth and where fiction, will tell today.
LED lamps – durability, a practicality, economy
Светодиодные лампы – прочность, практичность, экономияThe modern world cannot be presented without lighting. Hundreds of big cities submit inhabitants the magic night panoramas. One of the most perspective directions of technologies of artificial lighting – LED bulbs. In comparison with ordinary glow lamps the light-emitting diode have a set of advantages.
How to bleach things in house conditions
Как отбелить вещи в домашних условияхArt of bleaching of things each hostess has to own. After all the snow-white cloth will decorate any holiday table, and thanks to ideally white pillowcases your guests will have only a positive opinion on you. And if in your family there is a school student, ability to bleach things in house conditions is just necessary for you.
The correct lighting in the apartment
Правильное освещение в квартиреTo everyone familiarly joyful revival of spring day or drowsiness of rainy evening. This not so casual mood, influences our behavior and, partly, health a lot of the most various factors. There are many signs on which we, more precisely, our organism, defines, than now to be engaged more effectively. One of the most important – lighting.
How to choose a ceramic frying pan
Как выбрать керамическую сковородуThe ceramic ware is extraordinary popular today. On assurance of producers a ceramic covering – safe, durable, eco-friendly, allowing to cook healthy food even without oil use. If you think that for the symbolical sum will get an eternal ceramic frying pan – you are mistaken. In this case it is not necessary to save.
As it is simple to grind a knife
Как просто заточить ножWhat can be simpler, than grind a knife? After all knives are in each house, in each kitchen, and sharpen them literally everything: housewives, pensioners. Not to mention men. All need to cook food, to clean potatoes, to cut bread. So, also sharp knives are necessary. Knives sharpen practically everything. Whether but all are able to make a blunt knife sharp?
We choose ideal detergent
Выбираем идеальное моющее средствоPersuasive advertizing tries to convince us that orders can be brought quickly and easily, and all spots only at the sight of detergent right there will start disappearing. But not everything is so cloudless as can seem. All washing and cleaning household means – the products of chemical production hazardous to health of the person. Attentively read structure of the bought means for cleaning.
What to choose a toothbrush
Какую выбрать зубную щеткуHealthy teeth – very expensive pleasure. And every year the campaign to the stomatologist hits everything the pocket more painfully. Therefore it is quite logical that it is better to spend for preventive care of teeth and prevention of tooth diseases. Therefore buyers hope for efficiency of the latest toothbrushes. In their assortment it is easy to become puzzled.
Choice of kitchen ware
Выбор кухонной посудыTo choose ware – one of the most fascinating occupations for any hostess: kastryulk small and big, sudochka, sauce-boats, frying pans with covers and without, baking dishes, plastic containers, jars and pans … The choice is really huge, and sometimes, choosing ware on kitchens, it is possible to become puzzled of abundance and beauty of the offered kitchen utensils.
Choice of the door lock
Выбор дверного замкаIt is good if at doors at once there are locks, however so happens not always. First of all, because the good lock costs money, and not each producer will put the lock which will increase prime cost of its goods at a door. does not recommend to save on such thing as the lock. What locks the best and optimum will be suitable you for your entrance door, it is just necessary.
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