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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of a vulvit Gynecology
Лечение вульвитаVulvitom gynecologic practice calls inflammatory process of external genitals. This extremely burdensome and discomfortable disease for the woman - the movement and a spravleniye of natural need are followed by severe pain.
Treatment of toxoplasmosis at pregnant women Gynecology
Лечение токсоплазмоза у беременныхThere is a wish us for that or not - we are compelled to live side by side with microorganisms. Among them, of course, there are a lot of useful: for example, what help to work regularly to our intestines. But also microbes hazardous to health too are enough. Future mothers and children appear the most defenseless before them. One of such bacteria - a toksoplazm.
How to process the newborn's navel The other
Как обрабатывать пупок новорожденногоFrom the moment of conception to birth, the kid and mother are connected by one "thread" which is called as an umbilical cord. It renders huge value for development of a fruit in a womb, however this education is removed at the birth of the baby. Quicker to zazhivit and eliminate risk of infection of an umbilical wound, it is necessary to look after it correctly.
Miramistin's application Drugs
Применение МирамистинаNone of us, being at home or on a country site, it is not insured from cuts, scratches, grazes, burns and other injuries. Therefore the antiseptics in the home first-aid kit is best of all to keep in quality a preparation Miramistin. It and can be taken in travel to process a wound at injury of a foot about keen edges of pebble on a beach or cockleshells in the sea.
Coronary heart disease Diseases
Ишемическая болезнь сердцаThe Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) - concept collective. Usually mean set of such diseases of heart as stenocardia, a myocardial infarction and a cardiosclerosis by this term. IBS - a scourge of modern generation, after all the highest mortality in the world is registered because of oxygen starvation of cardiac coronary arteries. In a danger zone - people are more senior than 45 years.
Treatment of a siringomiyeliya Diseases
Лечение сирингомиелииSiringomiyeliya name the chronic slowly progressing illness of nervous system which is characterized by formation of cavities in a spinal cord (generally in the field of a cervical thickening) and in certain cases formation of cavities in a medulla. This pathology develops often at patients of young and middle age.
Polycarpous pregnancy Gynecology
Многоплодная беременностьWhy at the woman some children are born at once, the science still did not learn. There is an assumption that it is polycarpous pregnancy is transferred on the maternal line. From 80th years of twins and triplets began to be born much more, thanks to that there were such methods of treatment of infertility as EKO and stimulation of an ovulation hormones.
Grass Senna for weight loss Hygiene of food
Трава сенна для похуденияEach person strives for perfection. Career, material prosperity and other benefits of a civilization it is certainly very pleasant. But when the person feels bad, suffers from excess weight – everything becomes not in pleasure. One of a set of various methods of disposal of excess weight is a weight loss by means of phytotea from Senna's grass.
Disturbing frustration, symptoms and treatment The other
Тревожные расстройства, симптомы и лечениеIn the remarkable Soviet animated film "Through the Looking-Glass" the Black Queen says the phrase which with a surprising accuracy characterizes way of modern life: "Here it is necessary to run at full speed only to remain on the same place and to get to other place, it is necessary to run twice quicker". As if speaks about us, isn't that so?
Treatment of staphylococcus at children Diseases
Лечение стафилококка у детейIf to look at staphylococcus at golden (staphylococcus aureus) through microscope glass, to an eye the surprising picture will open: colonies of bacteria of golden color are very similar to a big and appetizing cluster of grapes. On it all merits of staphylococcus, perhaps, also come to an end.
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