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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of stones in kidneys folk remedies Diseases
Лечение камней в почках народными средствамиThe disease at which in kidneys or other bodies of an urinary system there are deposits, physicians is called an urolithic illness or even more officially – urolitiazy. The person can not suspect long time that in his kidneys the wrong is created.
Pelvic prelying of a fruit Gynecology
Тазовое предлежание плодаPregnancy – the most disturbing time in the woman's life. Future mummies with a sinking heart listen to the feelings and constantly are anxious, whether all as it should be with their kid? Unfortunately, some of them really have bases to worry concerning the "interesting" situation. For example, at the diagnosis "pelvic prelying of a fruit".
Vermoks, instruction on application Drugs
Вермокс, инструкция по применениюDuring a summer time our children walk on the street much, play with each other in a sandbox, eat various berries, fruit, iron animals, bathe. And, rules of hygiene are followed by them not always therefore the risk of infection with different parasites increases.
Preparation for gastroscopy The other
Подготовка к гастроскопииMore and more people problems with a stomach and digestion disturb. Someone has an eructation, heartburn, at others – burning, discomfort (a raspiraniye, weight) or pain in that place where the stomach is placed. In such cases correctly to make the diagnosis, and then to appoint effective therapy, the doctor channelizes on gastroscopy.
Treatment of a tremor of the head Diseases
Лечение тремора головыThe term "tremor" is meant as the involuntary, allocated with a rhythm twitchings of a trunk and extremities, rockings of the head. This state arises because of serious disorders of neurologic character. The tremor of the head can be observed at newborn babies, teenagers, people of middle age and old men.
Eskuzan's application Drugs
Применение ЭскузанаIn the people long since did different medicines of flowers of a horse-chestnut, the peel taken from its fruits and the bark removed from branches. These means helped people at hemorrhoids and expansion of veins of extremities. Today will tell about a pharmaceutical preparation of Eskuzane which part horse-chestnut components are.
When apply ОРАЛСЕПТ® Drugs
Когда применяют ОРАЛСЕПТ®For certain for each of us the phrase "the THROAT HURTS" causes a sad picture of seasonal colds, SARS and other inflammatory diseases which unexpectedly and not palatably break our habitual rhythm of life in memory. Regardless of the reasons, pain in a mouth and in a drink often causes the real sufferings.
Askorutin's application Drugs
Применение АскорутинаIn a drugstore among the multi-colored packings placed on a shelf with vitamins it is possible to see "modest" Askorutin. In this vitamin means the combination of two vitamins – askorbinka and routine that was reflected and in the name is presented.
Treatment of adrenalovy crisis The other
Лечение адреналового кризаAdrenalovy, or addisonicheskiya, crisis is an extreme complication of an illness of Addison. The state develops against the hardest defeat and dysfunction of bark of adrenal glands. Usually doctors find it difficult to answer, whether the person from consequences of this illness will be able to recover.
Sinovit, symptoms and treatment Diseases
Синовит, симптомы и лечениеThere is no such joint in a human body which value could be underestimated. Each of them is irreplaceable "small screw" of difficult and harmonous system which provides to the person physical activity. Once you fail at least to one "small screw", and we right there understand, what this happiness – to live and move without pain.
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