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Useful tips on sale, purchase and repair of new and second-hand cars. Info about technical characteristics, the device, tuning, painting and spare parts on different models.
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Preparation of the car for winter, ch.2 To the motorist
Подготовка автомобиля к зиме, ч.2As it is known the winter period of year leaves a certain mark on operation of the car. Change not only road conditions, but also kind of work of the engine, knots and units. In the maintenance instruction of the Russian cars it is proud it appears – the temperature range of operation of the car from minus 40 °C. But by detailed consideration it will cause laughter.
Preparation of the car for winter, p.1 To the motorist
Подготовка автомобиля к зиме, ч.1Not far off winter? Then you, maybe, already were also late with preparation of the car for this severe time of the city. As they say, it is necessary to prepare sledge in the summer. It is practical and more pleasantly, than on a frost. By consideration of problems of winter operation of a car of will be guided by average values – moderate humidity and temperature to minus 30 °C.
Service regulations of the gas cylinder car To the motorist
Правила эксплуатации газобаллонного автомобиляHere you became the happy owner of the gas cylinder car but how now to include this gas? And how it is correctly to make it? Needless to say that the cylinder has to be filled with gas. How many to fill and how? Give about everything one after another.
GBO installation: what, where and how? Spare parts and accessories
Установка ГБО: что, где и как?So, you were interested by the GBO installation on your car as the economic enterprise. But if before business with it had no, for certain vaguely represent that, where and as. Let's try to take up all these questions rather in detail. And first of all we will tell that enters into the gas cylinder equipment, about its main knots.
Pluses and minuses of installation of gas on a car To the motorist
Плюсы и минусы установки газа на автоThere is a set of ways to save fuel. No, be not frightened or do not rejoice, at us hydrogen, alcohol or electricity is not used yet, but gas mix of propane and butane is already for a long time used, and recently gains distribution also natural gas – methane. Here also let's deal with gasification of vehicle fleet of the country.
How to choose engine oil Spare parts and accessories
Как выбрать моторное маслоEveryone who has a car, especially, those who got it recently, are interested how to ensure long and reliable functioning of the engine. One of the key moments is timely replacement of oil. Especially it is important to know it that who bought the second-hand car or, on the contrary, to what brand new and brilliant machine gathers for first THAT.
Choice and installation of autoacoustics, ch.3 (crossover and amplifier) Auto sound
Выбор и установка автоакустики, ч.3 (кроссовер и усилитель)After the quantity of components of autoacoustics and a place of their arrangement is defined, it is necessary to think of their connection to an audiosignal. For this purpose we need two types of devices. One of them the amplifier who serves for strengthening of low level of a signal, and another – the crossover which serves for division of frequencies according to channels of acoustics.
Choice and installation of autoacoustics, ch.2 (subwoofer) Auto sound
Выбор и установка автоакустики, ч.2 (сабвуфер) already told about Basic Elements of automobile acoustics. Also, one of important components of high-quality sounding is good reproduction of low frequencies. Such device as a subwoofer also intends for these purposes just. It represents the separate speaker system for reproduction of low frequencies (20-100gts).
Choice and installation of autoacoustics, p.1 (loudspeakers) Auto sound
Выбор и установка автоакустики, ч.1 (динамики)Before going to car service for autoacoustics installation, it is necessary to have at least small idea of where and that you want to place. It will help fitters to understand that you eventually want from them. The correct installation of loudspeakers will be the decisive link defining quality of all speaker system.
Polishing of a body of the car To the motorist
Полировка кузова автомобиляPolishing of a body of the car is not only giving to the car of excellent appearance, but also elimination of microcracks, scratches, removal of the smallest roughnesses of a covering and protection of a covering it external factors. Period of validity of polishing will depend on many factors, but about 6 months on average will last.
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