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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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Treatment of a potnitsa at newborns
Лечение потницы у новорожденныхPotnitsa – quite widespread phenomenon at children's age. It is connected by that the children's organism quickly overheats, therefore – the child sweats more. At infantile age sweat glands of the kid do not cope with loading therefore on skin often there are rashes. Does not bring strong concern to the kid of potniyets, but it is necessary to treat her nevertheless.
How to teach the child to read in English
Как научить ребенка читать по-английскиMany parents ask a question when to start learning English with the child, in particular, to learn to read. The modern world information rules, and its most part is stored in printed form. Already at anybody did not remain doubts that language skills will help with expansion of an outlook and the sphere of communication, will strengthen skills of communication and in every possible way will help with further life.
Exhaust tube for newborns
Газоотводная трубка для новорожденныхThis plain and simple adaptation for many years is a subject for heated arguments. One pediatricians consider that the exhaust tube causes accustoming and advise it not to use, others on the contrary, recommend to apply this tiny attribute to simplification of a condition of newborns.
How to calm the child
Как успокоить ребенкаCrying, hysterics, shouts and whims – invariable companions of each child. The difference only that some children trade in these occupations extremely seldom, at others such reaction to all events can develop into a habit and then parents suffer already. That there was no second it is necessary to be able to calm the child correctly. Today will tell how to do it.
When it is possible to prisazhivat the girl
Когда можно присаживать девочкуEverything that is related to little children, bears in itself a trace of continuous expectation. At first future mothers and fathers wait will not wait for appearance of the child on light, then - his first smile, very first to "ag". Rejoice when the child starts holding a head and to turn over on a stomach. And by four months look forward when the kid can be put?
How to clean a nose to the newborn
Как почистить носик новорожденномуWith the birth of the kid at young mother increases cares: the child it is necessary to feed, wash up, change pampers and to execute some other daily manipulations. A compulsory procedure of care of the newborn – release of nasal passes from slime.
Rules of etiquette at a table
Правила этикета за столомTo feel surely at the holiday table on a visit or during a business lunch with the administration the knowledge of rules of behavior at a table will help. And the confidence is a synonym of success. Having examined bases today, we recommend to realize right there them houses and to acquaint with them the relatives – only this way you fix "material" and will be able to agree with pleasure on any invitation.
The mixed feeding of the child
Смешанное вскармливание ребенкаSituations of shortage of milk at the nursing mother today not a rarity. And such phenomenon can arise as in the first months after the delivery, and later. In this case the kid starts behaving irritably: there is a concern, tearfulness, intervals between feedings increase. It becomes the reason of the transfer of the child to the mixed feeding.
Crisis of 7 years at children
Кризис 7 лет у детейMany parents faced that by 7 years the child is transformed beyond recognition: from the quiet kid it turns into the uncontrollable tease. And after all psychoanalysts call this period crisis, a critical point on a curve of development of the child. In this article you learn about the reasons, symptoms and ways of overcoming of so difficult stage in life of the kid.
How to become the ideal wife
Как стать идеальной женойThe woman was always the keeper of a home. She created a cosiness in the house and was engaged in education of children. But whether it is enough of it in order that the family relations were ideal? It appears, it is necessary to be also the good wife! Such that quarrels and hysterics, reproaches and offenses never became on the way at happiness.
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