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Make itself - councils that who likes to do by all the hands. Sewing, knitting, woodcarving and so forth you can apply talents to updating of furniture, sewing of clothes, bags, creations of jewelry, etc.
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How to make topiariya the hands
Как сделать топиарий своими рукамиTopiar is very ancient art form which was often used in landscaping when trees by means of a hairstyle were given the various forms. In the Roman Empire there were first topiariya when all gardeners gained skills are sharp spheres, animals and even silhouettes of people from trees.
Candle decoupage the hands
Декупаж свечи своими рукамиYou for half an hour would like to give an unusual gift the hands? Then you should master equipment of a decoupage on a candle. This type of needlework is considered simple, and the school student will be able to cope with a task even.
How to cross stitch
Как вышивать крестикомAt embroidery art the richest history which roots leave to sources of Old Russian culture. A calculating dagger, a semi-cross, a smooth surface the people belonged to an embroidery with special scrupulousness: Slavs started preparing the dowry embroidered manually already at teenage age. The army of fans of a plain dagger grows to this day.
Dry fulling from wool
Сухое валяние из шерстиFulling from wool – ancient and very fascinating needlework. The equipment of a dry fulling is most often used for creation of small toys and jewelry. Besides, that the fulling, as well as any other "rukotvorchestvo", promotes increase of mood and development of a small motility, it also extremely entertaining way to pass away free time.
Dressing of walls the hands
Декорирование стен своими рукамиThirst for the fine was always peculiar to the person. Since ancient times people changed the houses, clothes, created jewelry, trying to imitate natural beauty of the nature. Today ability to decorate ordinary is called as design.
Hand-made articles from a papier-mache
Поделки из папье-машеHaving shown a little imagination and patience, it is possible to create a beautiful decorative bagatelle by means of a papier-mache. Often this equipment is applied in production of dolls, scenery and other theatrical attributes.
Plasticine the hands
Пластилин своими рукамиToday more and more mothers choose environmentally friendly materials for the children. And that can be better, the product prepared by the hands. It concerns also plasticine. Of course, it is possible to buy already ready in shop, and it is possible to prepare plasticine in house conditions.
How to paint walls
Как покрасить стеныTo make repair by own efforts – the economical decision. But in this case continually owners are expected not only problems of a choice of materials, but also some difficulties in performance of work. Today we will classify process of walls painting – from preparation to the finish.
How to hang up blinds
Как повесить жалюзиYou will seldom meet the apartment or office where at windows still there are no blinds. All of us understood long ago in what the main convenience of this invention of mankind and already we consider them as need. already told about criteria of a choice of this or that type of blinds. Today you learn how independently to attach them to a window.
Bouquet from candies the hands
Букет из конфет своими рукамиBouquets from candies became a popular gift not so long ago. They are given to darlings, girlfriends, mothers, teachers. Prime cost of such gift does not exceed the price of a box of candies but not many own art of production of candy bouquets. But if to learn to do such beauty most, for one evening it is possible to make an exclusive and tasty gift.
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