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Bathroom equipment

Councils on bathroom equipment elections. In the section useful articles about pig-iron, acrylic and steel bathtubs, including hydromassage; shower cabins, toilet bowls, heated towel rails, mixers for kitchen and a shower.
Bathroom equipment: all articles
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We close pipes in a bathroom: what way to choose?
Закрываем трубы в ванной: какой способ выбрать?Quite often after the end of repair and replacement of bathroom equipment in a bathroom there is a question how to close pipes? This question quite serious as from that, pipes will be how skillfully disguised, will depend also that, the general interior of a bathroom will be perceived how harmoniously.
La dolce vita: Italian style of your bathroom
La dolce vita: итальянский стиль вашей ванной комнатыItaly already many centuries recognized center of art, painting, architecture. These long-term traditions have beneficial influence on quality of the goods made in the country from fashionable clothes to a ceramic tile and bathroom equipment. The Italian style in an interior are natural colors and invoices, as a rule, in warm scale, a functional decor, sound furniture.
How to create a unique interior in a bathroom
Как создать уникальный интерьер в ванной комнатеThe house – that place where we spend enough time and how the personal space is organized depends possibility of good rest. One of the most important and right places in the apartment is the bathroom. We quite often ignore this room the, believing that it is enough standard set of bathroom equipment for its arrangement. It not absolutely so.
Installation of a water supply system the hands
Монтаж водопровода своими рукамиRepair of housing can fairly undermine the family budget. No wonder that in this question address to experts very reluctantly and only at emergency. Do not hurry, try to think over your actions. This article will help you to choose type of a water supply system and will teach how to execute distributing of pipes in the house or the apartment is independent.
How to eliminate a zasor
Как устранить засорHousehold problems are in the strange habit to occur absolutely at the wrong time. Zasor in a sink, as cherry on a pie. This trouble, besides obvious inconveniences, quite often also literally badly smells, finally making life a misery in own house. Prevention is in this case simpler, quicker and cheaper, than treatment.
How to choose a functional and esthetic sink from an artificial stone
Как выбрать функциональную и эстетичную мойку из искусственного камняWhere there is an epicenter of kitchen? Keen culinary specialists will hardly have difficulties at the answer to this question. Certainly, in a triangle between a sink, a plate and a finishing table. For this reason, doing the next repair in kitchen or having simply decided to update kitchen accessories, it is worth approaching a sink choice very seriously and without haste.
We choose a shower cabin, ch.2
Выбираем душевую кабину, ч.2For some the ideal shower will consist of a protection of a strict form and one shower nozzle. Others do not think of life without modern computer control systems and other achievements of technical progress. In this article we will continue to choose a shower booth and we will talk about those devices which will make process of acceptance of a shower even more pleasant.
We choose a shower cabin, p.1
Выбираем душевую кабину, ч.1So, you decided that the shower booth is your choice and are already ready to go for search most lovely to an eye and a body of a form. Alas, but so far it is worth waiting a little with it as any creative work begins with simple routine. To start advises to take a sheet of paper, a pencil and a roulette and to measure all parameters of space, available to future shower.
How to choose the mixer
Как выбрать смесительWhether you were going to change simply the bathroom equipment, at you something broke or started repair – these councils will help you to choose the new mixer. There is information on a design of mixers, areas of their application, materials for their production. will prompt how to choose the mixer, on what to pay attention about what to ask the seller.
How to choose a toilet bowl
Как выбрать унитазBy calculations of experts, the statistics says that on average, the person spends in the bathroom about five years for the entire period of the life. And from what will be this time, comfortable or, on the contrary, in many respects depends on the main tool of your toilet by means of which you relieve an organism of some costs of the physiological activity – a toilet bowl.
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