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Repair and finishing

Councils for apartment renovation, houses. In the section you receive information about qualitative bathroom equipment, durable windows and doors, a tile, wall-paper, linoleum and so forth.
Repair and finishing: all articles
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Laying of a tile on a floor the hands
Укладка плитки на пол своими рукамиToday the market of construction materials is sated with the wide range of a tile for a floor. It is also quite easy to find also good tilers for execution of high-quality work. But, that your dream of a fantastic interior became beautiful reality, it is important to organize work in a complex and elaborately. Therefore, we recommend strongly to study technical characteristics, types and modes of work with material.
Warming of walls
Утепление стенIf to compare expenses on heating of the usual house and house to thermal insulation, the difference will be huge. Not warmed house loses to 50% of heat. The main part of heat leaves through windows and walls.
The sewerage in the private house
Канализация в частном домеAccommodation in the private house gives the mass of advantages. It both autonomy of the personal space, and feeling of special independence in a choice of internal planning, system of heating, external registration of a facade and the territory round the house. Thus ensuring elementary conveniences is entirely under authority of the owner of the house.
Heating of the private house
Отопление частного домаEach owner of the private house needs to resolve an issue what will be heating in the house. In an ideal it is the issue needs to be resolved at a construction stage, but perhaps and to reconstruct the heating system which is already available in the house if it does not suit the owner.
We learn to choose a window profile correctly
Учимся выбирать оконный профиль правильноThe modern market of window systems and the PVC profiles endures the real boom today. At present abundance of offers there are natural questions: how to define, whether the good offer a profile what differences a boundary a qualitative product and a fake exist?
Sound insulation of walls
Звукоизоляция стенIn the conditions of modern multiroom constructions rest in silence and rest became unattainable luxury. The rustling neighbors, their pets and loud household appliances sometimes dement. collected a number of a practical advice on sound insulation of walls.
Main types of wooden materials: we build intelligently
Основные виды деревянных материалов: строим с умомToday, more and more people prefer wooden materials, any another. It is explained by special characteristics of ready constructions. Houses and baths from a tree are completely safe for human health, also in them it is easy to create optimum conditions for a human body.
World of a siding. What to choose?
Мир сайдинга. Какой выбрать?Both the person cannot live without skeleton, and buildings without walls and a framework do not exist. They bear basic, protective and decorative function, about two last now and the speech will go.
How to choose a parquet board
Как выбрать паркетную доскуWith development of the industry also our life develops. Earlier people did not glue wall-paper, did not paint a wall and did not put a parquet on a floor. In total from make-shifts – whitewash, wooden fellings. All materials were made manually, and on it a lot of time left.
How to make a blind area the hands
Как сделать отмостку своими рукамиWhen we got the house with a site in the village, at once there was a set of questions concerning repair. Anything surprising, after all house though strong, but nevertheless not new. Therefore before enjoying rest and harmony of rural life, it was necessary to solve a number of pressing problems. And the blind area became one of such problems.
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