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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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What is the mountain illness The other
Что такое горная болезньConquest of tops – occupation not only fascinating, but also rather serious. Here endurance, attentiveness, good physical preparation, and also knowledge of elements of safety and possible risks for health are required. The person going to mountains always has to remember that at big heights the unpleasant and dangerous disease called by a mountain illness can wait for him.
Treatment of an inflammation of salivary gland Diseases
Лечение воспаления слюнной железыIn medical circles the inflammation of salivary gland carries the name sialoadenit. This illness leads to serious change of a chemical composition and quantity of a saliva that extremely negatively affects a state of health and comfort of the person. In this article we will consider the reasons of developing of a disease and a technique of its treatment.
Heart disease Fallo's tetrad Diseases
Порок сердца тетрада ФаллоFallo's tetrad – so call a serious illness which is characterized by a combination of four heart diseases. Such defects as big defect of an interventricular partition, narrowing of a way of outflow of blood from the right ventricle, considerable shift of an aorta and a hypertrophy of the right ventricle concern to them.
What is the thalassotherapy The other
Что такое талассотерапияSince ancient times people knew about curative properties of the sea. In the modern world, based on this knowledge, the technique of alternative medicine – thalassotherapy was developed. The Spa procedures complex which are based on application in the cosmetology and medical purposes of production of a sea origin enters it.
Symptoms and treatment of poliomyelitis Diseases
Симптомы и лечение полиомиелитаSpinal children's paralysis which also carries the name poliomyelitis, is a kind of viral diseases. The course of disease causes defeat of nervous system of the person, as a rule, causing the main damage to a spinal cord. In addition inflammatory processes are localized in a mucous membrane of an intestinal path and a nasopharynx.
Menu of a lean diet Hygiene of food
Меню тощей диетыThe lean diet becomes more and more popular among dreaming of a slender body. She was thought up by the American nutritionists for at whom very big excess weight, but gradually at whom a few hated kilograms because the main thing, than it attracts are a good result for short term began to adhere to it even.
Treatment of an ezofagit Diseases
Лечение эзофагитаAt least once in life each of us had to test all "delights" of gastric pain. And it is absolutely unimportant, by what disease this discomfort is caused: whether it be gastritis or elementary heartburn – hurts equally unpleasantly.
Why the child grits the teeth The other
Почему ребенок скрипит зубамиAt night you were woken by an unpleasant, sharp sound from a nursery. Your kid again grits the teeth. "Perhaps, it is worms", – grandmothers speak and advise to pass inspection.
Dikul's diet Hygiene of food
Диета ДикуляTo get rid of extra kilos is not the only problem of this diet. Valentin Dikul's technique will suit those people who want to become not simply harmonous more, and to tighten the muscles that the body became same elastic as in youth.
Treatment of an adenomioz Gynecology
Лечение аденомиозаAdenomioz of a uterus is the inflammatory reaction which arose because of violation of a hormonal background in an organism. The essence of a disease is related to endometriosis therefore sometimes it is called internal genital endometriosis.
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