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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Symptoms and treatment of bulimia Diseases
Симптомы и лечение булимииBulimia - quite widespread disease presently. The mental disorder which is shown as constant unsatiable feeling of hunger is its cornerstone. Today will tell about symptoms, treatment and consequences of bulimia.
What is the endorphins The other
Что такое эндорфиныEndorfinny system – very important component of a human body. Exactly thanks to "a pleasure hormone" our brain is capable to react to external irritants, to resist to stresses, to dull pain, but also, to show creative abilities.
Rennie, instruction on application Drugs
Ренни, инструкция по применениюThe name "Rennie" thanks to TV advertizing and bright packing was remembered by many. suggests to talk about this preparation – its properties, a method of application, contraindications. Whether fast disposal of the person of heartburn is valid in the power of this simple preparation?
Nodal craw of a thyroid gland Diseases
Узловой зоб щитовидной железыNodal craw usually call tumoral organic education on a thyroid gland which differs from the next fabric on the structure and a structure. Sometimes the nodal craw is also called thyroid gland knot.
The small tortoiseshell at children Diseases
Крапивница у детейPractically each parent faced such widespread disease as the small tortoiseshell. This skin illness is result of allergic reactions of a fragile organism of the kid, and is shown in the form of red inflammations on skin, a peeling and hypersensitivity.
Treatment of a renal failure Diseases
Лечение почечной недостаточностиRenal failure – the pathology breaking normal work of kidneys owing to what the homeostasis (constancy of the internal environment of an organism) is out of balance. The illness deprives of a kidney of ability to make and emit urine that is right there reflected in water-salt, acid-base and osmotic balance of an organism. It leads to complications in work of all systems of a human body.
Fruit diet Hygiene of food
Фруктовая диетаThe fruit diet is considered effective and at the same time very useful. Depending on a kind of a fruit diet, adhering to simple recommendations, in a week it is possible to throw off about 5-7 kilograms. Thus your good mood does not vanish. After all fruit, as we know, source of vitamins and microcells. And any fruit is vitamin-rich.
Diet Osama Hamdiya Hygiene of food
Диета Усама ХамдияUnusual diet, interesting name and improbable result. Such trio is offered to the patients by professor from America – Osama Hamdy. The motto of this unique method is that the person does not starve and thus grows thin comfortably.
Treatment of an allergy to cats The other
Лечение аллергии на кошекFluffy pets act as the reason of development of an allergy much more often, than other representatives of fauna, chemicals and pollen of blossomings. Many experts long time mistakenly believed that sensitive reaction is connected with a thin underfur of an animal, and only in the XX century the reason – squirrels who contain in the died-off particles of skin and a saliva of a cat became for certain known.
Halotherapy The other
ГалотерапияProbably, many heard that salt (sodium chloride) can help at different diseases – constant bronchitis, bronchial asthma, an allergy, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, neurosis. No, it should not be eaten with kilograms, it is only enough to carry out course treatment in the special salt rooms called by caves, galokamer. Will tell about this interesting, effective natural method of treatment.
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