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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
Pets: all articles
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The maintenance of an iguana in house conditions
Содержание игуаны в домашних условияхIn spite of the fact that the maintenance of an iguana in house conditions is considered occupation exotic, more and more people choose this animal to themselves in pets. Care of them demands some efforts, but you will get to yourself the unusual friend for many years.
Maintenance of small fishes of telescopes
Содержание рыбок телескоповDemekin, water dragon – all this names of one small fish better known to us as the telescope. Surprising creation got such nickname because of massive goggle eyes which, really, remind the difficult optical device of the telescope.
Hypoallergenic breeds of dog
Гипоаллергенные породы собакAllergy – quite unpleasant phenomenon, which to familiarly many people. To live, in something limiting itself, quite difficult. Especially, if it concerns pets. It should be noted at once that theoretically, in the world there are no dogs who do not cause an allergy at all. But there is such concept as hypoallergenic breeds of dog – communication with these animals is conditionally found possible.
Guppy, contents and leaving
Гуппи, содержание и уходThe small aquarian small fish of the guppy – the beautiful representative of family of Petsiliyev. These gregarious viviparous fishes are remarkable multi-colored "dresses" and different modifications of tails. It is possible to lodge safely in an aquarium of one guppies, and the cheerful kaleidoscope will please you daily!
Maintenance of a gurama
Содержание гурамиSmall fish of a gurama – fine option for those who wants to have houses a beautiful aquarium, without wishing to spend thus a lot of time for care of his inhabitants. As if are created by Gurami for such idlers: it is a pleasure to support the unpretentious small fish!
As castration of dogs is carried out
Как проводится кастрация собакCastration call operation during which at dogs delete seed plants. After castration your dog will not be able to have posterity any more, besides he will become quieter and balanced.
Maintenance of skalyariya
Содержание скалярийFriendly skalyariya – the invariable inhabitant of many aquariums. This beautiful the average sizes a small fish differs in big appetite and interesting features of behavior. Aquarians love breed for its unusual form, various coloring and availability.
Maintenance of barbus
Содержание барбусовBrisk and bright barbusa always were and remain the most demanded inhabitants of each aquarium. There is in them a certain charisma and self-sufficiency: these small small fishes are steadily allocated from the lump of inhabitants of an artificial reservoir.
Russian breeds of dog
Русские породы собакOur country is rich and unique. Its history and the settled traditions have the mass of admirers and supporters. The word "Russian" means a certain level and specifics. Long since at us were engaged in cultivation of dogs. As a result today the domestic cynology has more than ten own breeds of dog, thus many of them are recognized by the International film logical federation.
Care of a domestic raccoon
Уход за домашним енотомIf the measured course of your life for quite some time now started weighing you, and the soul asks thrills, the exit arises itself: get a raccoon! No, it not a silly joke. Whether you know, what where this charming fluffy fidget, always fascinating adventures and fun grew roots? Whether it is necessary for you to cheer up?
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In May, 2007 on Yamal the reindeer breeder Yury Hudi found the frozen cub corpse of a mammoth. In spite of the fact that this baby mammoth of veins 37 thousand years ago, he perfectly remained. In fact, it is the first copy which reached us practically without damages.