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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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The review of means from an ukachivaniye The other
Обзор средств от укачиванияMany people at least once in life faced a problem of an ukachivaniye. This so discomfortable more likely disease state to consult with which it is very difficult. prepared for the readers the review of various means from an ukachivaniye.
Vertical childbirth Gynecology
Вертикальные родыVertical childbirth is an ancient way of a rodorazresheniye which women use many centuries in a row. This technique differs from traditional childbirth in that the patrimonial act happens in any situation: standing, sitting, on a lap, but only without lying. However what stumbling blocks between supporters and critics of such equipment of permission of pregnancy are?
How to choose the hearing aid The other
Как выбрать слуховой аппаратHearing and sight – the most valuable gift of the nature to the person. There will be no them is also you behind a life board. Fortunately, today there is nothing more simply, than to choose to itself good glasses or the high-quality hearing aid. The main thing – not to get confused in variety of these small, but such important things.
Symptoms and treatment of avitaminosis The other
Симптомы и лечение авитаминозаThis, at first sight, insignificant disease, has large-scale character. From shortage of vitamins diseases, different in severity, can develop. Avitaminosis symptoms at each person are shown differently, but treatment of an illness takes place according to almost standard plan.
Whether pregnant women can sleep on a stomach Gynecology
Можно ли беременным спать на животеThroughout all life at each person the habits are developed. One of such habits is the dream on a stomach. It would seem, anything terrible in that is not present, but for the pregnant woman such position of a body during a dream can do much harm.
Halyazion, symptoms and treatment Diseases
Халязион, симптомы и лечение Halyazion name the disease which is shown in the form of inflammatory process round edge of a sebaceous gland and a cartilage of an eyelid. It is known that sebaceous glands usually settle down in a century behind eyelashes. Can be in every century of these glands to 50-70 pieces. Exactly thanks to sebaceous glands of an eye remain damp.
Curvature of a nasal partition The other
Искривление носовой перегородкиIndispensable condition of our existence is continuous intake of air in lungs. Any disease causing difficulty of breath introduces essential discomfort in our life. The congenital or acquired curvature of a nasal partition not only prevents to supply correctly an organism with oxygen, but also leads to various negative consequences.
As it is correct to calculate date of childbirth Gynecology
Как правильно рассчитать дату родовHere they – two treasured strips. And here it becomes clear that everything only just begins. The woman, especially at the first pregnancy, has a huge number of questions. One of them is date of appearance of the child on light. We will also try to answer today this question.
Treatment by phytotherapy The other
Лечение фитотерапиейTravolecheniye is the most ancient type of doctoring the effect from which and in certain cases surpasses today drug treatment. Many generations of herbalists experiment removal of new dosage forms which will be able to cure the patient without risk for health. However phytotherapy demands a certain knowledge about which we will talk in this article.
Allergy at babies The other
Аллергия у грудных детейDistribution of allergic reactions did not avoid also babies, after all every fifth baby suffers from such unpleasant illness. External symptoms at early age are very similar to manifestations of other skin diseases, and many parents count that the illness will pass in itself. However it is, actually, rare when the allergy can pass for ever.
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