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Interior design

Councils and original design decisions on registration of your apartment. Beautiful curtains and blinds, false and stretch ceilings will decorate and will add feeling of a cosiness to your house.
Interior design: all articles
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How to combine wall-paper
Как комбинировать обоиRepair is awfully troublesome occupation, especially, if it is about long-awaited apartment renovation. In this case we look through the mass of catalogs, we consult on various experts and we look for the most original decision for design of the housing. But, it appears to pass for the original, material inputs are not obligatory at all.
Design of the room for the teenager
Дизайн комнаты для подросткаTeenage age – the most interesting and difficult period in the child's life. At this time there is a formation of the personality as children learn to be independent and to have own view of vital difficulties. Therefore the important part in development of the teenager is assigned to a situation in which he is the most part of time. The design of its personal room has to correspond to its age completely.
Mirror ceiling in an interior
Зеркальный потолок в интерьереMirror ceilings are quite popular decorative element of design of modern interiors. Very often they can be met at offices, bars, hotels, shopping centers or night clubs. But also in usual premises such decorative decision looks very beautifully and originally thanks to what more and more people wishes to create a similar ceiling in the apartment.
The African style in an interior
Африканский стиль в интерьереInterior in the African style it is possible to call any registration of the apartment at which there are subjects from Africa. It is quite exotic style, and not all will suit it. So, this style will suit those who loves subjects from natural materials. Perhaps, in this style pay much attention to subjects from a tree.
Equipment of the touch room
Оборудование сенсорной комнатыOur days are filled with events and emotions. Pleasure, grief, delight, chagrin, offenses, rage, experiences – everything alternates in life. And the after all constantly collecting negative emotions conduct to different diseases … And if adults try to cope with negative emotions, to small children more difficult to make it.
Interior in colonial style
Интерьер в колониальном стилеColonial style arose at the end of the XVII century when Europeans started bringing from the distant countries and to introduce at home exotic lines of an interior. Mixture of various ethnic styles in a single whole also generated emergence of interesting and unusual at first sight colonial style.
Zoning of the room
Зонирование комнатыThe one-room apartment is not an occasion to be upset as it is now very fashionable to turn one placement by means of zoning into "some rooms", allocating mission of this or that corner. For example, it is possible to combine a drawing room and an office or a bedroom and the nursery. One room, but combines in itself some places which carry out various functions – actually, it is not difficult.
Classicism in an interior
Классицизм в интерьереClassicism call art style and the esthetic direction in the European art of 18-19 centuries which is based on antique heritage. This style was specially created for registration of internal furniture of palaces and rooms of the well-known people.
How to equip the small room
Как обустроить маленькую комнатуAll of us want to have the big and spacious apartment that it was possible to define accurately for each thing the place. Unfortunately, not at all these dreams come true. But it at all not an occasion to become despondent. Even the smallest room can be changed and equipped so that everything was functional and compact. will prompt as best of all to make it.
Country style in an interior
Кантри стиль в интерьереIt is considered that such design direction of a country arose in England. Over time it became popular in America, in other countries of Europe and in Russia. It is remarkable that in each culture this style has the distinctive features. It is connected with that it was usually formed under the influence of local climate, and also national traditions and preferences.
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