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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Protrusion of mezhpozvonkovy disks Diseases
Протрузия межпозвонковых дисковAmong different types of a degeneration of a disk the protrusion of intervertebral disks meets most often. At this illness the intervertebral disk supports limits of a spine column that causes quite severe pains in a back.
Stimulation of an ovulation folk remedies Gynecology
Стимуляция овуляции народными средствамиThe impossibility to conceive the child is quite widespread problem in the modern world. The reasons for that there can be a set: various diseases of urinogenital system, hormonal failures, malfunctions in man's health, and also lack of an ovulation at the woman. If the last does pregnancy of the called factors impossible, it is possible to resort in folk remedies.
Treatment of an enterobioz Diseases
Лечение энтеробиозаEnterobioz – one of the most widespread helminthic invasions which is especially often meeting at children. This disease can give the mass of an inconvenience, and in the absence of due treatment – to lead to unpleasant and dangerous complications. In more detail that such enterobioz and as to get rid of it read in this article.
What is the bioresonant therapy The other
Что такое биорезонансная терапияBioresonant therapy – the popular modern method of treatment, action which mechanism, perhaps, cannot be explained with available words. And not because the basic principles of operation of mechanisms are difficult for simple inhabitants, simply in the nature there are no analogs of their physical activity. Nevertheless, bioresonant therapy already helped millions of people worldwide.
Headache at pregnancy Gynecology
Головная боль при беременностиMethods of fight against a headache at everyone the. One escape Citramonum tablet, others – the heat weakening bath with essential oils. And what to do if the head hurts future mother, after all many habitual ways to overcome this trouble are contraindicated to pregnant women?
Tromboemboliya of a pulmonary artery Diseases
Тромбоэмболия легочной артерииTromboemboliya is an obstruction of blood vessels blood clot. So, blood clot represents a blood clot. Process of obstruction of vessels often comes suddenly, its current prompt and sharp. This process quite often is the reason of disability of the person and can even lead to a lethal outcome. It is especially dangerous if blood clot is formed in a head or spinal cord, in heart or in extremities.
Treatment of a SARS Diseases
Лечение ОРВИThe person in a year can have such disease as a SARS several times and if correctly not to treat him, it is possible to receive quite dangerous complications, such as an acute bronchitis, otitis and pneumonia.
Treatment of a holangit Diseases
Лечение холангитаHolangit is a disease which is characterized by existence of inflammatory processes in bilious channels of a liver. Thus together with a disease the person has dispepsichesky and painful syndromes. Holangit it is considered quite widespread illness, and the disease recently given began to meet approximately for 40% more often than earlier.
Treatment of the child at an osteostalemate - personal experience The other
Лечение ребенка у остеопата - личный опытI think, each mother will agree that the most terrible that can happen in life of parents – an illness of the child. Of course, I do not mean usual a SARS (though all the same you worry), it is about more serious diseases. I do not think that I will be able to offer panacea from all troubles, however I will share the history of treatment of the child at an osteostalemate.
Illness Illness Krone
Болезнь КронаIllness Krone – a little widespread, but the extremely dangerous disease. This heavy chronic inflammation of all digestive tract striking even a mouth and an anus. Most often men become hostages of pathology from 20 to 45 years, children in certain cases suffer.
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