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Councils for a choice of household refrigerators. Information about two and single-chamber, automobile and built-in, cooler bags from LG, Samsung, Minsk, Stinol, Liebherr, Bosch, Electrolux, etc.
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Defrosting and washing of the refrigerator
Разморозка и мытье холодильникаExcessive scrupulousness will always allow to keep the refrigerator clean and to counteract collecting unnecessary smells. Refrigerators with No Frost system theoretically do not need a defrosting, however time in half a year should be disconnected it from food and to carry out a sink of all internal parts. The correct care of the refrigerator will help to avoid malfunctions and breakages.
How to choose the freezer
Как выбрать морозильную камеруThe freezer – a necessary thing in a household. It is the real mini-cellar in the apartment in which all winter it is possible to store the frozen fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, berries. And still there meat and fish perfectly remains. We will tell how to choose the freezer – on what it is possible to save and without what not to do.
How to choose the refrigerator
Как выбрать холодильникTo resolve an issue as what to choose the refrigerator, it is necessary without running on shop, and looking in everything. To make really standing purchase, it is necessary to foreknow that you want to receive.
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