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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Why to the girl happens painfully during sex Gynecology
Почему девушке бывает больно во время сексаThis delicate question of the girl and lady is dared to be lifted not often with the gentlemen. Usually behind the answer they go to girlfriends, to the Internet, is much more rare - to the doctor. Though most often the fastest solution depends at once on both partners. Today we will talk that can be the cause of pains during sexual intercourse and that has to undertake both the woman, and the man.
Carrying a bandage at pregnancy Gynecology
Ношение бандажа при беременностиWhen the woman carries the child, her husband, parents and other relatives try to do everything possible that not to refuse to her anything. As soon as the tummy starts appearing, future mummy starts worrying, perhaps, it is already time to buy special linen and a bandage?
Sage for conception Gynecology
Шалфей для зачатияFor a long time people considered a sage as storage of phytohormones but as these elements influence an organism, up to the end by science is not studied. It is considered that they play a role of catalysts. On the structure phytohormones are similar to female hormones an estrogen and can replace them, if not completely, then partially. Therefore the sage is used often for treatment of infertility.
Food on the Ayurveda Hygiene of food
Питание по АюрведеFollowers of the Ayurveda believe that the reasons of the majority of diseases are covered in violation of digestive process. Thereof cages do not receive due amount of nutrients therefore immunity and diseases freely decreases attack a body.
Abundance of water at pregnancy Gynecology
Многоводие при беременностиSome of us, hearing such diagnosis as abundance of water during pregnancy, do not attach it special significance. Many consider that a little bigger amount of water, than is approved on norm – the problem, the main thing is small that there were no pathologies. However, according to doctors, such condition of an organism can bear danger, both for mother, and for future kid.
Urinoterapiya The other
УринотерапияTreatment by urine or as it is called scientifically, an urine, carries the name "urinoterapiya". It today quite fashionable way of improvement and prevention of various illnesses. It is considered that for the first time this method started being applied in India several centuries ago. Despite such antiquity, the urinoterapiya did not receive the official status and now belongs to nonconventional methods of treatment.
Treatment of an endotservitsit Gynecology
Лечение эндоцервицитаThe diagnosis endotservitsit is put at detection of an inflammation in a mucous membrane of the tservikalny channel of a neck of a uterus. Directly the name of a disease comes from two words: "эндо" – it is translated as "internal", and "цервикс" – the uterus neck means. In medical practice the illness meets also under the names "ektopiya" or "uterus neck pseudo-erosion".
Lack of water at pregnancy Gynecology
Маловодие при беременностиLack of water is a pathological state during pregnancy which designates a lack of amniotic liquid in a placenta. Such problem meets at 20% of pregnant women and is fraught with serious complications for the kid and mother.
False pregnancy Gynecology
Ложная беременностьFalse pregnancy is the quite rare and low-studied phenomenon of mental character. At such syndrome at the woman all signs of "interesting situation" are shown: differences of mood, toxicosis, violation of a menstrual cycle, increase in volumes of a waist and stomach, however all this is pure illusion.
Allergy at pregnancy The other
Аллергия при беременностиPregnancy – joyful, but at the same time the difficult period in the woman's life. In an organism there are enormous changes that cannot but be reflected on health and health of future mummy. Cases when interesting situation is followed by manifestation of allergic reactions which the woman could even not guess before are frequent.
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