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Business and finance

Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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Analysis of liquidity of balance Business and finance
Анализ ликвидности балансаLiquidity of balance is represented by the degree of a covering of obligations of the enterprise of its asset reflecting the speed of return of money which were enclosed in acquisition of different types of property and obligations, in a turn.
How to get clear of debts Business and finance
Как избавиться от долговToday abundance of life and its temptations trap us everywhere. And quite often potential debtor comes to such conclusion: "I want all and at once!". And as a result, even bread - on credit!
How to receive a delay on the credit Business and finance
Как получить отсрочку по кредитуStatistically, each person at least once took a loan in bank in lives. And situations happen different and it is not always possible to make payments in due time. Many compatriots on ignorance start evading in such cases from communication with bank. It is not recommended to do it categorically. found out how to receive a delay on the credit.
Calculation of a limit of cash desk Business and finance
Расчет лимита кассыThe limit of cash desk represents the most admissible sum of cash which can be stored in cash desk of the enterprise.
Inventory of cash desk Business and finance
Инвентаризация кассыInventory of cash desk acts as planned action for comparison of the actual indicators and registration. In other words, inventory of cash desk is carried out to compare real existence of money, in cash desk of the enterprise to their registration indicators.
Registration of receipt of goods and services in 1C: Accounts departments Business and finance
Оформление поступления товаров и услуг в 1С: БухгалтерииNow practically each commercial structure uses software products for conducting accounting. Acts as one of such software products 1C: Accounts department.
Profitability calculation Business and finance
Расчет рентабельностиThe problem of efficiency of commercial activity excites each head, after all the owner of the enterprise is interested in profitability of business. Efficiency can be designated as a ratio between the received result and the spent resources.
Contract of delivery Business and finance
Договор поставкиThe contract of delivery acts as one of the main forms of the contract. The contract of delivery is signed between the seller and the buyer. The main term of the contract of delivery consists that the seller undertakes to report to the buyer goods, and the buyer – to accept and pay them.
Trial period Business and finance
Испытательный срокThe trial period represents time period which is determined at employment. As the purpose of a trial period check of compliance of the employee to requirements imposed by the employer acts. will go deep into this subject and will tell the readers about legislation subtleties which need to be provided at employment.
Calculation of average number Business and finance
Расчет среднесписочной численностиToday will tell you how it is correct to count average number. Calculation of average number is made in forms No. 1-T "Data on number and a salary of workers" and No. P-4 "Data on number, a salary and the movement of workers". The form No. 1-T is given once a year, and the form No. P-4 is provided in service of statistics monthly.
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