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Useful tips from the Hi-Tech area contain articles about the Internet, computers, mobile (cellular) communication, software and it is a lot of other information about the world of modern technologies.
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How to put the password on the computer Programs
Как поставить пароль на компьютер Many of us prefer to hide personal information from others eyes, especially now when by means of the personal computer it is possible to learn a lot of things about his owner. Safety of your personal data depends not only on a method of their protection, but also on the password established on the computer. In this article I will tell as as it is possible to cipher on the personal computer.
How to increase trust of users to the resource Internet and networks
Как повысить доверие пользователей к своему ресурсуIn the conditions of modern "online" of the market and high level of competitiveness of some commercial niches, it is the extremely important that your site was ideal in the opinion of the average user. Of what it is worth thinking? The site has to be convenient and functional exactly in that degree that it did not disturb your potential buyer, to the client or the partner to find that is necessary for it.
How to make a collage of photos online Internet and networks
Как сделать коллаж из фотографий онлайнCreation of a collage became some kind of art. In each case ourselves decide that will be present at a collage. To make a collage, only the computer, and the main thing is necessary, it is not obligatory to be able to use difficult programs. By means of online services, just and the photos intended for fast pasting, it is possible to make a beautiful collage in only some clicks.
Modern anti-virus decisions Programs
Современные антивирусные решенияPresently the high-speed Internet even more often there is a question of safety of the data. Malefactors do not doze, creating new sophisticated types of viruses and trojans which are capable to steal passwords to important services. Therefore it is extremely necessary to install the anti-virus program and a firewall for prevention of similar attacks to the computer.
Review of programs for viewing of DVD and Blu-ray of disks Programs
Обзор программ для просмотра DVD и Blu-ray дисковToday already to surprise nobody with the movies of a high definition allowing to take pleasure in 3D technologies directly at your place. The computer with the drive supporting Blu-ray disks, and the corresponding software is for this purpose necessary. The most popular and functional programs for viewing of DVD and Blu-ray of disks are presented in this review.
That the netbook or the tablet is better Computers
Что лучше нетбук или планшетOn open spaces of various technical forums the interesting tendency is observed: people even more often ask a question "What to buy: tablet or netbook?". The dilemma between the laptop and the tablet meets even. The tablet and the netbook is such devices which partially duplicate functions of each other. I will try most well to help doubting to choose one or the other devices.
Earnings on an exchange of electronic currencies Internet and networks
Заработок на обмене электронных валютThe number of various ways of earnings of money in a network considerably concedes to similar number in offline, but it nevertheless is very great. It is possible to earn most, and it is possible to invest the means under percent. Let's consider one of types of earnings on the Internet which, it is possible to tell, it is extremely important in a network – earnings on an exchange of electronic currencies.
Review of programs and services translators Programs
Обзор программ и сервисов-переводчиковOne of realities of modern society is that it is possible to face need to translate any text easily. During a pre-computer era the only assistant in this situation was the foreign dictionary. Today we can use online services on the translation of the text and translation programs which there is a great variety.
Work with documents in Google Docs Internet and networks
Работа с документами в Google DocsThe main concept of "cloudy" technologies is that information is stored and processed by means of the server, and the result of these calculations is provided to the user by means of the browser. Among the most popular – Google Docs. Service allows to create and edit text documents, tables, presentations, graphic files.
Review of operating systems Programs
Обзор операционных системDaily working with the computer, we do not even reflect that we force to work with one pressing of a key the most difficult logic, we open and we close a set of the hidden programs and functions. We reflect on an operating system only when we do not have enough functions when there are new versions of already used OS.
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