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Councils for a choice of TVs: plasma, projective, liquid crystal (zhk, lcd), elt and even the automobile. And also questions of connection, malfunctions and many other things are opened!
TVs: all articles
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What to do if at your place the TV broke?
Что делать, если  у вас дома сломался телевизор?Presently electronics becomes more difficult and more difficult. In such conditions to repair a household appliance by own efforts it is almost impossible. Nevertheless, at breakage of a difficult technique, for example, of the TV, you should not reflect on purchase of new equipment at once. Most often the small and inexpensive detail which can be replaced becomes the reason of malfunctions.
Choice of a set of satellite television
Выбор комплекта спутникового телевиденияThe satellite antenna is a choice of those who wishes to enjoy viewing of various thematic channels in excellent quality. Within this material will try to tell that represents satellite television, what equipment is necessary for viewing of channels, and also will open some aspects of use of this type of service.
Prevention of the TV
Профилактика телевизораYou bought the TV long ago, it perfectly works for you and you completely arranges. But the TV, as well as any other equipment, need prevention as dust can interfere with good contact, and also "short-circuit" the scheme of the TV. In this article will tell you as it is correct to clean the TV from dust.
How to establish and adjust the satellite antenna
Как установить и настроить спутниковую антеннуIn this article we will learn "to adjust" a satellite plate with three converters without the aid of the additional equipment, to connect, and also to adjust a receiver. In an example three standard satellites Amos, Sirius, Hotbird broadcasting in total 24 Russian-speaking channels are used.
How to choose the home theater
Как выбрать домашний кинотеатрToday home theaters ceased to be perceived as a subject of unknown luxury. And it in many respects because the prices of ZhK or plasma TVs decreased. However, a choice of the home theater a task not simple as upon purchase of this production there can be a number of questions answers on which you do not know yet.
As it is correct to choose the LCD TV
Как правильно выбрать ЖК телевизорAt the LCD TV choice before you by all means there will be a number of questions. To what characteristics it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of the TV? Having read this article on, you learn a lot of interesting, and will not look "lamer" in the opinion of the unfair manager-consultant.
Plasma panels. Merits and demerits.
Плазменные панели. Достоинства и недостатки.If at you ripened need for change of the old TV on something newer or purchase of the home theater, it is necessary to think and of a source of the high quality image: plasma panel.
How to choose the TV on technical characteristics
Как выбрать телевизор по техническим характеристикамIrrespective of TV type (whether it be projective or usual kineskopny), it has to conform to your requirements to its technical characteristics.
What type of the TV to choose
Какой тип телевизора выбратьToday there are four types of TVs: kineskopny (elt), plasma, liquid crystal and projective TVs. Each of them occupies the niche in the market and have the advantages and shortcomings.
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