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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Pregnancy after an abortion Gynecology
Беременность после выкидышаAccording to medical statistics, a half of all pregnancies comes to an end with an abortion. Besides most often the woman does not even guess the new situation. Any abortions come during the period of several days from conception and about several weeks. After that the organism needs to help to cope with a situation.
Syringing by soda for conception Gynecology
Спринцевание содой для зачатияAnd on what only shifts are not solved women to conceive the child: and plots are read, and under a pillow different subjects are put, and wait for a new moon. And what only recipes do not write out, and all to deceive the nature and quicker to feel pleasure of motherhood.
Necessary vitamins for pregnant women Gynecology
Необходимые витамины для беременныхPregnancy – remarkable time: the more future mother has a rest, the better. However it does not mean at all that in "interesting" situation it is possible to sit, idly! The woman has to do everything possible that within 9 months the kid growing in her received vitamins, necessary for life and health.
Application of a bee subpestilence The other
Применение пчелиного подмораTireless toilers of a bee give us not only the tasty honey, fragrant propolis, a gentle uterine milk, sweet-sour pollen, bee sting, a perga possessing medicinal properties. Even after the life "winged doctors" can bring benefit. offers the story about a bee podmor which is used for many years not only traditional medicine, but also official.
The correct breath at childbirth Gynecology
Правильное дыхание при родахIt is unlikely someone from us reflected how we breathe. And after all since ancient times people were interested in breath, special technicians and techniques studied. Thanks to them the person can relax and calm down or, on the contrary, concentrate. Anyway, but all these exercises are reduced to management of own breath.
Pyelonephritis at pregnancy Gynecology
Пиелонефрит при беременностиTogether with long-awaited two strips and for nine months the cutting a waist pains and a frequent urination started accompanying you? It is pyelonephritis at pregnancy, a disease which often pursues women during incubation of the child.
Tributary, useful properties and contraindications The other
Донник, полезные свойства и противопоказанияStill Avicenna and Galen knew about curative properties of the unpretentious tributary. In the people this plant call a shamrock a ground, hare chill, wild hop, hristovniky, burkuny, a tomky, wild buckwheat. In the territory of Russia it is possible to meet 10 types of the tributary, in medicine found application the tributary Lekarstvenny (other epithet "yellow") and white.
Water-melon diet Hygiene of food
Арбузная диетаAmong a set of monogrocery diets water-melon is one of the most productive. But before putting the organism on such serious trial, it is worth being convinced of absence of contraindications and existence of iron will power. The water-melon diet helped many women to find a desired slim figure and to clear an organism of slags.
Klaynfelter's syndrome Diseases
Синдром КлайнфельтераKlaynfelter's syndrome represents a genetic disorder in the man's organism. The illness received the name in honor of the American doctor Harry Klaynfelter who the first described this problem still in the twenties of the last century.
Malaria symptoms Diseases
Симптомы малярииMany of us know about malaria only by hearsay. In general it is known that this infectious disease which is transmitted from the patient to the healthy person through stings of the infected mosquitoes and differs in the exhausting fever.
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