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Washing machines

All councils connected by a choice, purchase, installation and connection of washing machines, and also useful information on repair of malfunctions. Plus instructions and comparisons of different models.
Washing machines: all articles
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How to repair the washing machine
Как отремонтировать стиральную машинуAt operation of any equipment, especially difficult, there are incidents, they not always happen pleasant. Unfortunately, whatever there was a reliable and proved equipment, it all the same has property sometimes to refuse.
How to connect the washing machine
Как подключить стиральную машинуOne of the most irreplaceable assistants in the house, perhaps, can call the washing machine safely. And, unlike the predecessors, the modern washing machine practically does everything itself unless the linen is required to be put and ironed manually so far. Therefore this device now, I consider, has to be in each apartment.
Irreplaceable household appliances: we share councils
Незаменимая бытовая техника: делимся советамиAccording to statistical data, the washing machine is one of the most prime things which are got by a modern family. Only having installed the washing machine in a bathroom, you will at once see and will feel as far as life can be simpler, more pleasant, more carefree.
Care of the washing machine
Уход за стиральной машинойToday for washing of dirty linen it is necessary to choose the necessary program, to press only one button, and the machine will make everything for you. At all advantages it is worth to remember about technical condition of the washing machine. Service life depends on the correct operation. Therefore it is necessary to approach the matter with heavy responsibility.
How to choose the drying car
Как выбрать сушильную машинуSome doubt what more optimum to get: the 2 in 1 device, i.e. the washing machine with function of drying or the independent dryer. The second option is more preferable since for good drying in the car the linen has to be about 1,5-2 times less, than it can wash for a cycle. In this article we will in detail state that they represent as are arranged.
How to choose the washing machine
Как выбрать стиральную машинуIf you decided to buy the washing machine, today will be quite difficult to make a concrete choice. Known global manufacturers represent a wide model range of washing machines with the automatic gulf, heating and to water plums, with programmed by switchings between the carried-out operations and switching off at the end of work.
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