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Vacuum cleaners

Councils for a choice of vacuum cleaners. Useful articles about the used filters, bags for collecting dust, nozzles. You learn what is better to buy the vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning or washing with akvafiltry for the damp.
Vacuum cleaners: all articles
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How to choose the robot vacuum cleaner
Как выбрать робот-пылесосThe robot vacuum cleaner – the device intended for maintenance of purity in the house by means of cleaning (damp, dry) a floor covering. The main advantage of such unit – the automated cleaning process, including in the absence of the person. For an objective choice of model of the robot vacuum cleaner it is necessary to examine their main types.
As it is correct to choose the washing vacuum cleaner
Как правильно выбрать моющий пылесосIf you after all decide to get once the washing vacuum cleaner, you need to know about its advantages and shortcomings. Of course, it is simple to know, what characteristics the washing vacuum cleaner possesses there is not enough. Therefore will devote you in all subtleties of this such necessary rubble equipment.
How to choose the vacuum cleaner
Как выбрать пылесосNeed for qualitative household appliances is felt by each family. But not always simply to make a right choice. Often it occurs for two reasons: big variety of models and ignorance of requirements to this or that equipment. And the choice, would seem such outage of technology as the vacuum cleaner, not an exception.
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