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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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How to get rid of hypostases The other
Как избавиться от отековThe liquid delay in an organism which is shown in the form of hypostases on a body, brings to the person the mass of unpleasant feelings. Each person at least once in life faced hypostases. Most often feet and a face swell up, is more rare – other parts of a body.
Vitiligo at children Diseases
Витилиго у детейVitiligo is a disease of skin which is connected with manifestation of a diskhromiya of nosological character. The name of this pathology came from the Latin word "vitiligo" that means "rash", "deprive", "a skin illness".
Diet for pregnant women Hygiene of food
Диета для беременныхIt is difficult to overestimate importance of healthy nutrition during incubation of the child. Pre-natal development of a fruit, but also and her own health depends on a diet of future mother. About the basic principles of a diet for pregnant women, and also we will talk about healthy and junk food in this article.
Treatment of a cyst of tooth Diseases
Лечение кисты зубаSometimes pain develops even in tooth healthy by sight. Gum become covered by gnoynichka and each drink of food becomes torture. But even at such symptoms people not always run to the stomatologist, at first accept a handful anesthetizing, then check on themselves all national methods. And when business already absolutely poorly, go to the doctor where make them the diagnosis – a tooth cyst.
Menu of a diet of Ksenia Borodina Hygiene of food
Меню диеты Ксении БородинойThe famous TV host Ksenia Borodina – the person public therefore she needs to watch herself always. A few years ago Ksyusha learned pleasure of motherhood, but, unfortunately, pregnancy was reflected in its figure not in the best way. Despite it, the girl managed to get it together and in some months could shine on the screen with faultless forms.
Free testosterone at women The other
Свободный тестостерон у женщинHealthy functioning of sexual system of the woman depends on an important component – free testosterone which is active connection of a man's hormone. It is at each person and his imbalance in an organism involves violations of warmly vascular system, psychoemotional frustration, formation of tumors and so forth problems.
Treatment of squint at children Diseases
Лечение косоглазия у детейSquint, scientifically strabizm, is a disease at which both eyes cannot be focused at the same time in one point. Similar pathology very often starts proving in the early childhood. In this article we will consider the main features of this problem and we will describe ways of disposal of it.
Treatment of an endocarditis Diseases
Лечение эндокардитаThe endocarditis is an inflammation of a valvate or pristenochny endokard which develops most often at rheumatism. Endokard name an inside layer of heart. In rare instances the endocarditis arises at a fungal or septic infection. Perhaps also emergence of an inflammation at intoxications and at diffusion diseases of connecting fabric.
Turett's syndrome Diseases
Синдром ТуреттаTourett's syndrome is a neuralgic state which development most often begins in the childhood. The person having this disease periodically makes uncontrollable sounds, words or carries out the uncontrollable movements. This syndrome is also called Giles de la Tourett's syndrome.
Chemical diet Hygiene of food
Химическая диетаChemical diet – the diet most popular today calculated on four weeks. It is interesting to note that there was it thanks to clinical development of professor who researched problems of obesity at the people having diabetes.
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