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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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How to save at registration of a mortgage loan Real estate
Как сэкономить при оформлении ипотечного кредитаAfter you properly considered everything, weighed all arguments of pros and cons of receiving a mortgage loan, estimated the real opportunities, it is possible to pass directly to crediting procedure. There are some moments which knowledge will help to reduce your costs of registration and use of the credit.
Assessment of the opportunities when receiving a mortgage loan Real estate
Оценка своих возможностей при получении ипотечного кредитаSo, you decided to improve the living conditions and to use for this purpose a mortgage loan. Before starting procedure of registration of such credit, it is important to define the financial and other opportunities, and also to solve, whether the mortgage loan in general is necessary to you. suggests to understand that it is necessary to consider at decision-making.
Bank deposits - when they are favorable Business and finance
Банковские вклады - когда они выгодныTimes of changes in the former Soviet Union passed. In those days the people were afraid to bear money in bank, all were frightened of loss of deposits as a result of reforms of the beginning of the 90th years. Now the situation changed and various banks offer the most various types of deposits. Let's understand all types of bank deposits one after another.
History of ruble and its protection Business and finance
История рубля и его защитаEmergence of the Russian monetary unit – ruble – played not the last role in formation of the state, and also in formation of the currency market of other countries. The Russian ruble has the history of the emergence and development which led it to that look which we use today.
Money and their protection Business and finance
Деньги и их защитаIt is difficult to imagine life of modern society without money. And after all it – only the tool for calculations for goods. However, money has also other functions, but the majority of us got used to see means of payments in money. Many count money the evil, many – the greatest invention of mankind. will address to history of money.
Risks on a mortgage in Russia Real estate
Риски по ипотеке в РоссииThe mortgage in our country is not only it is favorable, but also risky. And put this risky not only for those who borrows money, but also for those who is a creditor. After all the Russian legislation in the questions concerning a mortgage still imperfectly also demands completion on single legal issues.
What is the mortgage – all pros and cons Real estate
Что такое ипотека – все за и противWhat is the mortgage? This term came to us from Greek and in translation means pledge. In a number of the articles will tell you about a mortgage loan, about all its pluses and minuses. If to speak about a mortgage, in relation to real estate, the speech, first of all, goes about the credit which is issued on the security of real estate.
Strategy of "4MA" for work on Forex (Forex) Currency market
Стратегия «4МА» для работы на Форексе (Forex)It is the last article from a series of articles about the international currency market Forex on In it I want to offer the reader quite simple, but at the same time rather effective trade strategy for work on Forex.
Management of the capital in the market Forex (Forex) Currency market
Управление капиталом на рынке Форекс (Forex)Work with open positions in the market Forex it is possible and even it is necessary to automate partially. For this purpose in trade warrants of "Stop loss" and "Take profit" are used. It is possible to translate these concepts as "To stop losses" and "To take profit". Though in Russian often and speak: "Stop loss" and "Teyk profit". These concepts are closely connected with science about management of the capital.
Trade in the market Forex (Forex) Currency market
Торговля на рынке Форекс (Forex)Well here time in practice to test that such trade in the market Forex also came. On you learn from this article, in what currencies it is possible to trade on Forex that such currency pairs what transactions happen, and, at last, learn the transactions mechanism.
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