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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of diathesis at children Diseases
Лечение диатеза у детейMany parents at early age of the children faced such unpleasant, but widespread phenomenon as diathesis. Red rash on a face, the reddened cheeks, crusts and wounds on a body of the child are external manifestations of a disturbing disease. How to distinguish "enemy" and that with him to do, it will be a question in this article.
Treatment of pre-natal infections Gynecology
Лечение внутриутробных инфекцийAs soon as the woman becomes pregnant, for nine months she should make many tests. Frequent campaigns in laboratory are necessary for health of the woman and her future child. After all the most terrible enemies for a fruit are pre-natal infections. recommends not to fall into despair and to examine in more detail types of pre-natal infections.
Application of an eleuterokokk Drugs
Применение элеутерококкаWhat do you know about an eleuterokokka? Most of people heard about it only from advertizing of means for immunity increase, but this unusual plant is capable on much bigger. It is possible to speak about advantage and properties of an eleuterokokk infinitely long, we will allocate most important and useful.
What is the dysgraphia The other
Что такое дисграфияFrom the first days of occupations at school difficulties with the letter, sometimes and with reading are found in some first graders. Children in spite of the fact that well consider and well master natural study and mathematics, cannot "make friends" with Russian at all. Why it occurs how to reveal a deviation and to help the child to master language? These questions will be answered by
Treatment of a frontit Diseases
Лечение фронтитаPlays the dandy – a disease rather artful if not to start treating it at the first stages of an illness, it very quickly accepts chronic character. Therefore it is very important to address to the doctor in time and after diagnostics to complete the correct course of treatment. If strongly to start a disease, surgical intervention can be necessary.
How to make washing of a nose The other
Как сделать промывание носаNot always as washing of a nose is paid to such procedure enough attention. And after all it bears in herself some values: it and personal hygiene which can be put in one row with toothbrushing and washing, both treatment, and prevention of the majority of catarrhal diseases.
Use of bear fat The other
Применение медвежьего жираFor a long time bear fat was extraordinary useful product. With its help treated cold, liver diseases, tuberculosis and even serious wounds. Bear fat in the conditions of severe cold was especially appreciated. After all, was considered that only these provisions are capable to cure of frostbites and to rescue the person who left under ice. Than bear fat is still valuable, today will tell
Treatment of decubituses The other
Лечение пролежнейThe word "decubituses" in medicine it is accepted to call necrosis of sites of skin which appears owing to their long squeezing. Bed patients, as the fates decree, for a long time the confined to the bed are most of all subject to this disease. In this article we will consider that represent decubituses and as to struggle with them.
Treatment of a gastroduodenit Diseases
Лечение гастродуоденитаYou come now to shop or to the market – and there on shelves the huge range of food is presented. But not always the food happens in pleasure. Statistical researches show that more than a half of the population have problems connected with digestive system. It is considered one of widespread diseases gastroduodenit.
The HGCh level at pregnancy Gynecology
Уровень ХГЧ при беременностиOn the early term of pregnancy when the woman can not know about the situation yet, the child in it already declares the presence by development of the certain substance in abbreviated form called by HGCh. That it represents and in what its features consist, we will try to understand this article.
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