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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of a pneumosclerosis Diseases
Лечение пневмосклерозаThe pneumosclerosis is a process of consolidation and hardening of lungs at which there is a transformation of connecting fabric into the cicatricial. It is preceded usually by dystrophic or inflammatory process. Development of pathology happens at growth of connecting fabric in lungs because of influence of certain factors.
Than threatens obvity with an umbilical cord Gynecology
Чем грозит обвитие пуповиной"Mummy, you only do not worry", - the crown phrase of most of doctors which conduct ultrasonic research of the pregnant woman. Better they so would not speak! Without having managed to rise from a couch, the woman already is in a condition of a stress and is not able to perceive information on an obvitiya an umbilical cord adequately.
Finger-type gymnastics The other
Пальчиковая гимнастика"And your kid already started speaking?", "And what first word he told"? Such questions are asked often by young mummies when meet on walk. Often such phrase afflicts and even irritates. If it is your problem and your kid still did not learn to speak, then time came to learn about a new technique of development of the child – finger-type gymnastics.
Intolerance of lactose The other
Непереносимость лактозыMilk and dairy products were always one of the best sources of calcium for the person. However there are people in whom even some drinks of milk cause discomfort and a set of unpleasant feelings. Many write off it for sensitivity of a stomach, however it is quite possible that the organism cannot cope with lactose.
How to do an enema to the newborn The other
Как делать клизму новорожденномуIt is terrible to present, how many young mother has advisers: the girlfriend tells one, the sister another, and the grandmother the third. And when the speech comes about need of carrying out such procedure as an enema, to especially newborn little man, here definitely not to find a consensus.
What is the retinirovanny tooth The other
Что такое ретинированный зубThere are cases when the cut wisdom tooth causes to the person severe pain. At independent survey in front of the mirror it can see only the inflamed red gum. It is a little more and tooth just about will seem. But the miracle does not occur, and pain does not release.
Treatment of an ichthyosis Diseases
Лечение ихтиозаThe ichthyosis is called an illness of a crocodile leather or fish scales: integuments as a result of a rare gene mutation become covered by the ugly become horny layer of scales.
Treatment of noise in the head The other
Лечение шума в головеNoise in the head - the companion of many residents of the megalopolis. Noise of cars, buildings, the working office equipment is reflected in the head and ears. But if you sit in silence, and in the head continues to rustle, so somewhere in your organism there was a failure and it is worth paying attention to the health.
How to get rid of a compulsive overeating Hygiene of food
Как избавиться от компульсивного перееданияThe compulsive overeating is the illness of the XXI century representing a regular pattern of meal at which the person is sated much however does not receive from this satisfaction. This habit is formed for many years, and negative consequences can do irreparable harm to an organism.
Compression stockings for childbirth Gynecology
Компрессионные чулки для родовRecently began popular to wear among future mummies stockings during pregnancy and to dress them on childbirth. Of course, we speak not about attractive lower lacy linen – hardly at midpoint of life future mother will be interested in appearance.
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