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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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Franchizing and purchase of the franchize Business and finance
Франчайзинг и покупка франшизыYour main task — the favorable room of money for the purpose of commercialization? Now there was quite widespread phenomenon an application of purchase and sale of franchizes, or, in other words, franchizing. That it for fruit and with what it is eaten, will try to inform to the readers in this article. So, we will begin.
Service consulting, when and where to address Business and finance
Консалтинг услуги, когда и куда обращатьсяMarket technologies develop in present time so promptly, there is a huge number of new technologies, inquiries of consumers grow. Often the company should resort to services of the external consultants or firms specializing on business consultations or as they are called still – consulting firms.
Estimation of cost of the apartment Real estate
Оценка стоимости квартирыSooner or later in life of each person there is a question of the cost of the apartment in which he lives. So the question can be caused by emergence of a set of various factors. In this article it is ready to share information concerning estimation of cost of the apartment.
Psychology of perception of advertizing Business and finance
Психология восприятия рекламыYes, it is possible to agree that advertizing – the progress engine. The commercial often contains interesting and useful information, but sometimes such is thought out that there is a wish to ask: "And who wrote the text to you?" decided to share several useful tips about what has to be advertizing and how to make it more effective.
How to avoid problems at delivery of the apartment Real estate
Как избежать проблем при сдаче квартирыAs if the housing problem was particularly acute, sometimes the housing suddenly is for some time unclaimed by his owners. In these cases competent delivery of housing will help not only to cover the cost of utilities, but also to get profit. And will help to avoid any problems at delivery of the apartment observance of simple rules.
Purchase of a country house Real estate
Покупка загородного домаYou dreamed long ago how will wake up under singing of birds, to leave with will be wiped on a verandah of own house and to inhale aroma of the blossoming herbs? But … that the dream became reality, it is necessary to pass a difficult thorny road under the name "purchase of a country house".
How to privatize the apartment Real estate
Как приватизировать квартируPrivatization is primary transaction in the market at which residential real estate carries over the individual. It is quite difficult to person to understand all nuances of process of privatization therefore is ready to prompt the main steps, at least, with what to begin, what documents to collect, and to what dates of performance to be ready.
How to register open company Business and finance
Как зарегистрировать ОООThe beginning businessman is faced by the mass of important questions. One of them – registration of the firm. In the territory of the Russian Federation the most widespread organizational and legal form of private enterprises is the limited liability company (in abbreviated form "open company"). Will tell about problems of registration of JSC in this article.
How to call firm Business and finance
Как назвать фирмуOne of the main issues arising at the organization of new business is the name choice problem for firm. The good, sonorous name can quite become through some time a recognizable and successful brand. will offer some different approaches to a company name choice, and you solve what of them most of all approaches.
As well as what to take shares Business and finance
Как и какие купить акцииYou earned money, and now want that this money worked for you? You want to acquire shares, but do not know, what shares it is better to take, moreover, and in general, do not know, where and how shares are taken? What risks of your investments? What possible profits? will try to help to understand the arisen questions.
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