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Articles concerning civil, housing, tax, labor and other branches of the right. Help in paperwork, explanation of provisions of contracts, etc. legal issues.
Legal issues: all articles
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Deprivation of the parental rights
Лишение родительских правToday in increasing frequency not only fathers, but also mothers leave the children to the mercy of fate and are eliminated from their education. There was a wrong opinion that can deprive of the parental rights those who for several years did not pay the alimony, drug addicts and people having alcoholism.
How to receive SNILS on the child
Как получить СНИЛС на ребенкаToday in many establishments and the organizations you are asked to show to SNILS or as still call it – a green plastic card. And if earlier such document was issued only at achievement of majority or employment, today SNILS is made out even on children, and any age.
Disability registration
Оформление инвалидностиWhen problems with health lead to full or partial disability, and also impossibility of full self-service, the person should address to measures of the state support.
The annual paid vacation
Ежегодный оплачиваемый отпускThe labor legislation defines that each worker has the right for the annual paid vacation. When the employee is in holiday, behind it the place of work and a post, and also average earnings remain.
Power passport: whether requirements of supervising instances are lawful?
Энергетический паспорт: правомерны ли требования надзорных инстанций?At the end of 2012 many subjects of business, even some public institutions faced new requirements of Rostekhnadzor. Technological management of Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, threatening with impressive penalties, orders to commercial and noncommercial associations development of power passports.
Alimony in a firm sum of money: consultations of lawyers of the site
Алименты в твердой денежной сумме: консультации юристов сайтаThe speech in this article will go about a special form of collecting the alimony to minor children which is regulated by the current legislation. For separate cases the law provided a collecting format "the alimony in a firm sum of money", that is not the dependent on the income fixed help to minor children.
Traps for the enterprises: permission to application of Rostekhnadzor
Ловушки для предприятий: разрешение на применение РостехнадзораIn Russia not less fires are afraid of firefighters, and it is quite natural as to warn, train, and especially — to forgive, not in habits of the Russian officials; but to punish penalties — as much as necessary. It would seem, the ordinary businessman or small private enterprise has no need to be afraid of Rostekhnadzor, however the Russian realities prove the return.
That it is more favorable: to present or bequeath property
Что выгоднее: подарить или завещать имуществоHow to dispose of the property – a question very important and not suffering hasty decisions. Between relatives transfer of rights to property through the contract of donation or according to the will most often practices. It is only better to make a choice after you attentively examined all main nuances of registration of these documents.
As the receipt is written
Как пишется распискаThe person close to you swears and pledges the word of honor that everything will return in a month. It is possible to believe, of course, it, but the receipt will be the best providing the word of honor. The receipt is a way to secure itself in case one of the parties suddenly will refuse the obligations and it is necessary to restore justice in court. One of types of written proofs in court.
Contract of guarantee
Договор поручительстваWith distribution of such banking service as consumer crediting, strongly was included into our life the concept "guarantee". It appeared that there are many people ready to go to bank and to be charged for friends and relatives, for colleagues and neighbors. And after all consequences of such responsiveness can be quite notable for a pocket of the guarantor.
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