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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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Analysis of Japanese candles Currency market
Анализ японских свечейOne of the most interesting and poetic types of forecasting on Forex are Japanese candles. It at the same time both analysis method, and type of the schedule. Intrigue already names of figures – morning and evening stars, a gleam in clouds, two flown-up crows, or, a little frighteningly, hung up. Thus Japanese candles yield remarkable results.
The computer analysis on Forex Currency market
Компьютерный анализ на ФорексеThe trader when makes the decision on opening of a trade position, always tries to find as much as possible the confirming factors. When you are more sure of the actions – if you see one signal or collected a little? The more confirmations, the your transaction is less risky. And for the trader there is an option of finding of such helps – the computer analysis.
The fundamental analysis in the market Forex (Forex) Currency market
Фундаментальный анализ на рынке Форекс (Forex)The people working at Forex are called traders and they act with speculative motives. If we knew that in 3 days of euro will become 2% more expensive, we could buy now it, and in 3 days to sell, and to earn to itself these 2% of a gain of the price. That to carry out it, the trader uses various methods of the analysis to predict change of exchange rates.
Online crediting, ch.2 Business and finance
Онлайн кредитование, ч.2In last part of our story about online crediting we considered that this such, and also some technical questions of receiving and issuance of credit. Here we will try to light the moments, useful in practice, to give advice to both participating parties of the online credit. It will be especially important for the beginning creditors.
Online crediting, p.1 Business and finance
Онлайн-кредитование, ч.1The credits densely entered now our life. To live on credit became a fashionable habit for the modern person. How it is better to take the credit if you need financial injections or how to force the money to work, without rising from a chair. Will tell in this article about many aspects of these questions.
Use of plastic cards Business and finance
Использование пластиковых картIn the previous article we considered practically all types of plastic cards existing for today. Now we will finish the begun subject and we will understand subtleties of their use. Clear business, on a card is number, a name of the owner of a card. This information to the ATM will be insufficiently to define you it or not you.
Types of plastic cards Business and finance
Виды пластиковых картIn the world there is a huge number of plastic cards. Everyone has the history, appointment, features, qualities and shortcomings. All plastic cards can be divided into two look: payment and not payment. From a context clearly that the first work with money, the last – no. Let's begin our review with the last.
Network marketing or how to earn in the MLM project Business and finance
Сетевой маркетинг или как заработать в MLM-проектеPresently there were quite frequent offers to earn in various MLM projects or in other words with the help network marketing. Here you will find answers to the following questions: what is MLM, a dethronement of myths about MLM whether really to earn by means of network marketing and how it is better to earn. So, we will begin.
Frauds at an apartment sjema Real estate
Мошенничества при съеме квартирыAt many there comes in life the moment when they have to rent apartment. Now it is quite hard to find the apartment meeting at the price and a situation to our inquiries. Here, as well as in any business connected with money there are swindlers. I want to tell you about the most often found ways of frauds with apartments.
Franchizing and search of the franchisee Business and finance
Франчайзинг и поиск франчайзиSo, as it became clear from the previous article, the franchiser is a person or the company which managed to make the quite good, profitable, working business. It is natural that he wants it to expand. In what way to select from a great number of persons interested of the best. suggests to understand, on what it is necessary to pay first of all attention in such cases?
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