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Councils for operations with real estate objects. Where to take the credit for purchase of housing (mortgage) how to determine the apartment price for sale, rent, whether to address to real estate agency (realtors), etc.
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Subtleties of an assessment of the land plots
Тонкости оценки земельных участковToday the investment in real estate objects became very popular, and the special agiotage can be observed on country real estate.
How to sell a share in the apartment
Как продать долю в квартиреSince the time of the legendary hero of Bulgakov a lot of things changed, however the housing question still especially is particularly acute. Problems with purchase and sale, rent and the section of real estate are still actual. Therefore decided to shed light on process of sale of a share in the apartment.
Donative on the apartment
Дарственная на квартируThe contract of donation represents a certain written agreement under which the donator gives the apartment voluntary and gratuitously. That is in the document the mention of any obligations from the donee in relation to the donator is inadmissible. In drawing up donative on the apartment there are also other nuances which are important for knowing all.
How to write out the ex-husband from the apartment
Как выписать бывшего мужа из квартирыOne of often met housing problems is the unwillingness of the ex-husband or wife after divorce voluntary to leave and "be written out" from the apartment to which they were installed by former "half". The solution of a question depends on, whether there is an apartment in property of former "half" or she is her employer.
Purchase of real estate in Bulgaria
Покупка недвижимости в БолгарииMany Russians dream to have real estate abroad. The real estate in Russia promptly rises in price that forces potential investors to turn the look for a cordon. Citizens look for to themselves country houses in France or Spain more richly, and less wealthy Russians consider option of purchase of the Bulgarian real estate.
How officially to lease the apartment
Как официально сдать квартируIdle time of the empty housing – loss of money for his owner. It is much more favorable to lease housing, but many simply are afraid of possible consequences. For this reason to secure itself against possible risks, it is worth leasing the apartment officially. At correctly made contract it is possible and to compensate the cost of the spoiled things, and are long to seize.
Fraud of realtors with real estate
Мошенничество риэлторов с недвижимостьюOperations with real estate, especially transactions of purchase and sale, very much a titbit for unfair realtors. For the buyer or the seller on a game there is a considerable sum of money which does not want to be lost at all.
Tax at sale of the apartment
Налог при продаже квартирыEach person is obliged to pay taxes on the got profit, the income from sale of residential real estate also concerns to that. The tax size, as well as in any other situation with payment of the personal income tax, makes 13% of the sum earned at sale of the apartment. But there are situations in which the tax can be not paid or reduced, and also to receive a tax deduction for purchase of the apartment.
As it is correct to issue a deposit upon purchase of real estate
Как правильно оформить задаток при покупке недвижимостиBefore purchase of real estate the only desire arising at the buyer, thirst of confidence in tomorrow. On a game considerable funds. Whether it happens so, what purchase will break? The unfair seller can not only refuse the transaction, but also not return your advance payment. In this regard recently there was popular a conclusion of the contract of a deposit.
How to make the announcement of sale of housing
Как составить объявление о продаже жильяAfter small repair, release of the apartment from the things encumbering it, it is necessary to pass to a stage of submission of the announcement. Favourably to sell real estate, it is necessary to make the announcement so that to attract as much as possible buyers. In this article I will tell as correctly to make the announcement of sale of the apartment what obligatory to specify and what and tactfully to hold back.
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