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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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DVS-syndrome, diagnostics and treatment Diseases
ДВС-синдром, диагностика и лечениеThe DVS-syndrome is a nonspecific violation of work of system which keeps blood in a liquid state. Thus in vessels there is a scattered fibrillation. As a result of it the set of units of blood and microclots of protein of fibrin is formed. These particles are capable to settle on capillaries of bodies, than cause in them functional and dystrophic and profound microcirculator changes.
Pertussin's application Drugs
Применение ПертуссинаHot summer days were replaced by a bad weather and autumn cold weather. The nature prepares for winter. And the human body too tries to adapt for the conditions surrounding it, sharp changes of weather. But when immunity weak, colds begin. And if does not getting thirsty the bitter become attached cough medicine, to remember that time Pertussin.
Treatment of a sinekhiya at girls Gynecology
Лечение синехии у девочекSinekhiyami is called by unions between close located bodies or surfaces. These unions can be both congenital, and acquired. At girls such solderings often appear between small vulvar lips. Similar pathologies at girls usually arise over an entrance to the urethral channel that, naturally, disturbs a normal urination.
Treatment of a pleksit of a shoulder joint Diseases
Лечение плексита плечевого суставаSometimes, that in a dream of people awkwardly sprains a hand. In the morning he wakes up with terrible pain, then it is found out that also the shoulder swelled up. At first in the head there are calming thoughts: "Anything terrible, simply, it muscles stretched, everything will pass soon". But passes some hours, and pain and does not think to cease. On the contrary, situation worsens.
Fluimutsil's application Drugs
Применение ФлуимуцилаAgain tortured cough? In a throat tickles, and inside, in bronchial tubes or a trachea constantly something bubbles, but it is not possible to get rid of the bothering attacks? Fluimutsil released by the Swiss company "Zambon" will help to exempt airways from the slime accumulating in them.
Treatment of a bursit Diseases
Лечение бурситаJoints can hurt because of different diseases – arthritis, arthrosis, a bursit. Here also suggests to talk about a bursita, its types, symptoms, ways of treatment of today.
Treatment of papillomas The other
Лечение папилломOn various sites of skin in the people doctors – papillomas can call emergence of small sprouts warts, and here. And their emergence is provoked by a virus of papilloma of the person, and this quite serious disease which demands medical intervention.
Marfan's syndrome Diseases
Синдром МарфанаMarfan's syndrome belongs to a number of pathologies which cornerstone the single gene mutation is. In case of this rare illness the hereditary factor causes violation of an exchange of connecting fabric. There is a failure in work of the fermental system responsible for production of structural protein for growth of connecting cages. All diseases developing against a syndrome result in disability.
Why stuffs up ears The other
Почему закладывает ушиEach person at least once in life faces that at him stuffed up ears. Especially often it occurs at rise on big height or at sharp falling down. Usually this phenomenon does not cause pain, but feelings of people receives unpleasant therefore it is necessary to know why stuffs up ears and as to help itself.
How to receive an operation quota The other
Как получить квоту на операциюAn increasing number of seriously ill patients of people, according to the special document have opportunity to pass free inspection and treatment in specialized clinics. Most often the card allows to receive financial aid on carrying out operation. How to issue a medical care quota and what for this purpose is necessary?
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