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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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Analysis of the market of commercial real estate Real estate
Анализ рынка коммерческой недвижимостиThe real estate can be divided into two big sectors: commercial real estate and residential real estate. Carry office rooms, warehouse, rooms for trade to the commercial and hotel rooms. If the market of residential real estate generally form only supply and demand, in the sphere of the market of the commercial still the set of factors increases.
Review of several segments of the Russian real estate Real estate
Обзор нескольких сегментов российской недвижимостиDespite high risks, profitability in real estate sector the high. And it cannot but attract foreign investors. Of course, the legal and standard situation in the country leaves much to be desired, but, considering high profitability, it was necessary to wait for the strengthened foreign investment not long. After all, anyway, but what it for life without risk?
Analysis and review of the market of real estate fall 2008 Real estate
Анализ и обзор рынка недвижимости осень 20083akonchilos the summer, comes fall. Time to bring results and to look, what changes happened in the market of real estate by September. The report of o events of the market is submitted to your attention. The main changes in the market of real estate which happened for the last some months will be considered, an is so made attempt of the short-term forecast.
Advertizing formula, review of the second: ATL and BTL Business and finance
Формула рекламы, обзор второй: ATL и BTLEach advertiser asks a question how more effectively to spend the advertizing budget. What it is ideal advertizing? We exist a set of ways: Newspapers magazines, Radio, Televidenye Internet, billboards and the other other. In this review we will try to remove the Formula for Internet of Advertising. But about the beginning we will be defined that is the cornerstone of such formula.
How to avoid the conflicts in family business Business and finance
Как избежать конфликтов в семейном бизнесеRather family business there are two points of view: relatives cannot organize the successful and prospering business owing to the relations which developed between them (confidential or, on the contrary, mistrustful). Relatives are capable to create steadily progressing structure. And surprisingly both opinions have firm practical confirmations.
That it is necessary to know about the credits Business and finance
Что нужно знать о кредитахSuch banking product as crediting, now is at popularity peak. Without having in a pocket kopeks, everyone is able to afford any whim. Banks are guaranteed that an overpayment for goods it is on credit insignificant it is small, and even in general is absent. Whether so it actually? In what sum finally the "cheap" credits pour out?
Sale of hair as a way to earn Business and finance
Продажа волос как способ заработатьPeople started earning on sale of hair for a long time – after all the best wigs were made of natural hair (and now become). To sell hair it is necessary to have to start them. Only long hair are suitable for sale (from 25 cm), it is better if not colored and without streaks of gray – but also gray-haired, and colored too approach, simply cost cheaper.
As it is easy to earn Business and finance
Как легко заработатьIt is considered that money needs to be earned with heavy work. And not only money. Even in the word "earn" it is audible "to receive for work". will not consider criminal ways – at least because as a result of people usually loses more, than gets. It is easy to receive money it is possible also in quite lawful ways.
Trade tactics on Forex Currency market
Торговые тактики на ФорексеTrade in the market assumes Forex not only knowledge of analysis tools, more value has existence of own strategy. Strategy develops from consistently or more often in parallel than the used methods of trade. In this material on some main tactics for the situations which are often found in the market will be considered.
Levels of correction of Fibonacci Currency market
Уровни коррекции ФибоначчиOne of important tools of the technical analysis are technological levels. This certain value of the price which at approach of a course to it will be an obstacle for further advance. Graphically it looks as area where the price approached, and further the price on graphics rolled away, then approached once again and again could not overcome resistance.
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