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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Depression during pregnancy Gynecology
Депрессия во время беременностиMany women for the unclear reasons test a depression during pregnancy. "How so? - future mothers think. – I wait for the baby, but thus I do not feel pleasure!". Similar thoughts provoke deterioration of a state, and as a result the depression grows in a geometrical progression. How to fight against it, and what causes depressive thoughts during such light period of life of the woman?
Dyufaston when planning pregnancy Drugs
Дюфастон при планировании беременностиIn recent times the diagnosis "infertility" sounded worse than a sentence - then scientists did not find yet a way to go counter to the stubborn nature. Today we live in remarkable time, after all the modern medicine has a mass of opportunities to present to the woman pleasure of motherhood. One of them is connected with a preparation Dyufaston.
Useful properties of a uterine milk The other
Полезные свойства маточного молочкаThe physicians and scientists who were fixedly studying a uterine milk which else sometimes is called "royal jelly" came to a conclusion that it is the most effective natural biostimulator. It brings benefit not only to adults, but also children.
Treatment of a polikistoz of kidneys Diseases
Лечение поликистоза почекPolikistoz of kidneys is a disease at which in kidneys the set of the cysts representing nonmalignant round sacks with watery liquid inside is randomly formed. Increase of a blood pressure is dangerous to patients polikistozy. This disease is frequent proceeds together with a renal failure. Approximately cysts in a liver are also found in 1/3 patients.
Progeriya, symptoms and treatment Diseases
Прогерия, симптомы и лечениеWhen say that a progeriya – pathology, dangerous and unpromising in respect of treatment, do not exaggerate at all. The rare genetic illness "steals" the childhood from boys and little girls, turning them into the real old men! By the way, the adult can get sick with a progeriya also.
Fever Ebola, symptoms and treatment Diseases
Лихорадка Эбола, симптомы и лечениеNearly an every day in news programs disturbing messages that in any country still new human cases by fever the Ebola are recorded are told. In the spring of 2014 the world learned about the outbreak of this infection which it is possible to call the most large-scale for all history of existence of the dangerous infection which claimed the lives of thousands of people now.
Treatment of an illness of Shegren Diseases
Лечение болезни ШегренаShegren's illness call a system autoimmune disease of connecting fabric. At it sekretiruyushchy glands, in particular, plaintive and salivary which accompany development of diffusion diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and also problems with zhelchevyvodyashchy system are surprised. Let's understand how to distinguish an illness at an initial stage and what it is worth undertaking first of all?
Treatment of a syndrome of a dry eye Diseases
Лечение синдрома сухого глазаQuite often modern person, especially what will see off time in front of the computer much, feels the unpleasant feeling in eyes arising at reduction of release of liquid plaintive gland or at change of qualitative structure of tears. Such phenomenon received the name a syndrome of a dry eye.
Deformation of a thorax The other
Деформация грудной клеткиThe thorax is the framework consisting of muscles and bones which protects heart and lungs. The congenital or acquired curvature of bones breaking work of respiratory and cardiovascular systems is called as deformation of a thorax.
Immunostimulators for children The other
Иммуностимуляторы для детейIt is no secret that health of the child, first of all, depends on strong immunity. In this regard there is a question: what factors influence protective system of the child and how it can be strengthened?
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