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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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How to improve blood circulation The other
Как улучшить кровообращениеViolation of blood circulation in a human body is fraught with emergence of many serious diseases. First of all the brain, then cardiovascular system suffers and gradually the problem covers all human organs. Therefore to secure itself, it is necessary to know how it is possible to improve blood circulation.
Diet at cholecystitis Hygiene of food
Диета при холециститеCholecystitis is an inflammation of a gall bladder which can result from improper feeding. This disease often develops owing to a lack of vegetable fibers of the products used by the person. Because of what occur stagnation in bile, and inflammatory process develops. The inactive way of life and existence in a diet of fat and sweet food can become the reason of it.
Mialgiya, symptoms and treatment Diseases
Миалгия, симптомы и лечениеPractically each adult at least once in life faced such problem as muscle pain. In medicine this phenomenon was given the name "mialgiya". For what reasons there can be painful manifestations, what symptoms and features of their treatment, read in this article.
Panangin's application Drugs
Применение ПанангинаThat our heart well worked and was strong, its food requires enough potassium and magnesium. Therefore at arrhythmia, heart failure and other failures in work doctors appoint Panangin.
Application of corn rylets The other
Применение кукурузных рыльцевIt is not obligatory for those people who has problems with a gall bladder and kidneys to drink tablet handfuls at all. It is possible to try natural medicine - corn a rylets which and are successfully used long ago in medical practice.
Galvanization procedure The other
Процедура гальванизацииThe main objective of each person – to support health of the body, to open all new and new sides of an organism. Throughout many centuries development of various medical procedures that as it is possible to achieve these objectives better were continuously conducted. Galvanization or, in other words, a galvanoterapiya – one of them. Today about this interesting procedure the speech will also go.
What is the oxygen pillow The other
Что такое кислородная подушкаWhen in the house the sick helpless person, care of it lays down on shoulders of his family. And if in treatment of notorious cold the diseased from the native needs elementary moral support and participation, there are such diseases which compel house to be always on the alert that in case of prompt deterioration of a condition of the patient to give him quick and qualitative help.
Symptoms and treatment of polyneuropathy Diseases
Симптомы и лечение полинейропатииPolyneuropathy call a disease of peripheral nervous system. To it injury at the same time of the majority of nerves is characteristic. Generally it is shown in the form of violation of sensitivity, full or partial paralysis. Besides, this pathology is characterized by emergence of the expressed pain syndrome, feeling of paresteziya and other frustration of vegeto-vascular system.
First aid at poisoning The other
Первая помощь при отравленииNobody is insured from poisoning. Low-quality are blown, alcohol and even clear-out – everything stores in themselves potential danger of intoxication. And as it is correct to give first aid, unfortunately, know units. Let's understand today, than it is possible to help the poisoned person.
Symptoms and treatment of an adynamy Diseases
Симптомы и лечение астенииAdynamy – slowly developing pathological frustration of mentality which arises against other diseases of an organism. Fast fatigue, decrease in working capacity and a mental susceptibility, a bad dream, irritability or, on the contrary, apathy – here not the complete list of manifestations of this state.
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