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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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Payment and collecting the alimony on children Legal issues
Уплата и взыскание алиментов на детейOften after divorce children as lose not only love and care of the second parent, but also his material security with a chipped washing-tub lose. Also it turns out because alimentary obligations are not established in general, or the parent living separately does not pay them. The main justification the phrase "sounds why I have to pay she (he)?".
Divorce order Legal issues
Порядок расторжения бракаOnce long ago I had to endure divorce. Many years later you start understanding that, getting divorced "in blind", without knowledge of laws, many mistakes were made. They are remediable and are not critical, but thanks to these mistakes, it is necessary to hark back. Therefore it would be desirable to share the got experience and overdue knowledge on this subject.
As it is correct to make and make the complaint Legal issues
Как правильно составить и подать жалобуAt each person, at least once in life appears an occasion to complain in authorities. Complain of neighbors, dishonest employers, incompetent doctors, unfair sellers, etc. Weighty your proofs and arguments would not be what to receive the prompt, definite, competent reply and the solution of your problem – it is necessary to complain correctly.
Conclusion of the marriage contract Legal issues
Заключение брачного договораAccording to the family code the marriage contract is an agreement between spouses or people who are going to become them, about the rights for property and duties during marriage, and also on a case of its cancellation. will not press in search of the reasons, and will talk how to warn negative consequences for itself in the future.
Obtaining license for carrying the weapon Legal issues
Получение лицензии на ношение оружияIn the previous articles about self-defense of considered some samples, available to protection, and found out that for acquisition of stun guns and gas sprays it is enough only existence of majority while for purchase of the traumatic weapon it is necessary also the special license.
How to avoid deception at a currency exchange Business and finance
Как избежать обмана при обмене валютAt the time of crisis, the exchange rate grows before the eyes. Simple inhabitants, and businessmen try to keep the savings, by transfer of our currency to the foreign. But also swindlers do not doze! Persons interested it is illegally to be enriched on a currency exchange becomes more increasing. How to avoid deception at exchange operations today will tell
How to receive normal insurance payment Legal issues
Как получить нормальную страховую выплатуThis question is asked to itself(himself) by everyone who plans to address to insurance company. Cases when people try "to agree" or find mutual friends are not rare. Whether it is possible to receive actually normal payment, without using thus the additional efforts? Or nevertheless it is necessary to make secure and take some actions? Let's begin with the beginning.
Fraud with plastic cards Business and finance
Мошенничество с пластиковыми картамиThe Russian people always loved "freebie". Can therefore in our country fraud prospered and prospers. Today will tell you how not to fall into a trap "flimflammers" and to save the money when using of ATMs and terminals. I will begin with vital history...
Purchase of real estate in Australia Real estate
Покупка недвижимости в АвстралииIn this country there live the most smiling people on the planet, the lowest inflation, all the year round summer here. Locals call it "the lucky country" that in translation "the successful country" means. How to work with that who decided to acquire real estate in Australia that their purchase was accompanied by characteristic Australian good luck? understood it.
How to save at insurance Legal issues
Как сэкономить при страхованииPeople sought to receive more at all times, having paid less. It is especially sharply shown in our crisis time when each ruble on the account, and all seek to cut down the expenses. And whether it is possible to save on insurance? And not by refusal of an insurance as that, and by reduction of an insurance premium? As to make it, read in this article.
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