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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Apizartron, instruction on application Drugs
Апизартрон, инструкция по применениюHaving faced a trauma (household, sports or after a road accident event), joint pain or other problems of the musculoskeletal device, any person looks for ways to help himself. There is a question – what means to choose in a drugstore that it quickly and effectively helped an organism to be restored, relieved of pain?
Use of folic acid Drugs
Применение фолиевой кислотыThat folic acid is useful to human health, is known for a long time. She takes part in a metabolism, in synthesis of DNA, in creation of immune cages and in some other processes proceeding in our organism. The last some years began to consider B9 vitamin as one of substances, the extremely necessary for women during pregnancy.
Spondilit, symptoms and treatment Diseases
Спондилит, симптомы и лечениеIn a literal translation from Greek "spondilit" means a "apathetic" vertebra. The characteristic as is impossible more neatly reflects essence of a disease which mainly deforms a backbone, depriving of it mobility.
Instruction on Half of Pala's application The other
Инструкция по применению Пол-Палы On one of pharmaceutical show-windows where medicinal herbs are presented, it is possible to meet many packings with familiar names: "Leaf of cowberry", "Leaf of a bearberry", "Buds of a birch", "Calendula flowers", "Leaf of a nettle" … But here the box with the unfamiliar name "The Half Of Fell" is evident. What for a plant such? This grass very much is useful to those who suffers from polyarthritis, stones in kidneys.
Temperature increase at pregnancy Gynecology
Повышение температуры при беременностиPregnancy for the woman is connected not only with happy expectation, but also with different fears and alarms. Especially when the organism suddenly starts working not as usually. Temperature during pregnancy – the phenomenon quite frequent, but is always a reason for concern.
Dizziness reasons The other
Причины головокружения"Again the head is turned", - we often say, our relatives and children, even without trying to find out the events reasons. Simply we establish the fact, without reflecting that usual dizziness can be one of symptoms of heavy neurologic frustration. Though the head can begin to spin and from more pleasant things: flow of emotions, surprise and it is simple from joyful news.
Treatment of a plechelopatochny periartrit Diseases
Лечение плечелопаточного периартритаPlechelopatochny periartrit – often found disease at which damage of sinews of a shoulder and serous bags of inflammatory character with injury of ligaments and connecting fabric of a cover of a joint is observed. The structures forming a shoulder joint thus usually do not change and do not inflame.
Ukropny water for newborns The other
Укропная вода для новорожденныхFor each mother – to watch the most terrible torture at the child who suffers from pain. Unfortunately, often it happens that in the first days of life the kid tests this state from time to time. The most common cause to they are gripes and an abdominal distension. Today we will talk about one of the best ways to overcome these unpleasant problems – ukropny water for newborns.
Treatment of neurocirculator dystonia Diseases
Лечение нейроциркуляторной дистонииNeurocirculator dystonia is one of options of development of vegetovascular dysfunction. Generally this frustration is shown at young age. At such people quite often in a consequence various violations of cardiovascular system develop.
Symptoms and treatment of a parafimoz Diseases
Симптомы и лечение парафимозаParafimoz is a squeezing of a head of a genital of the man the extreme flesh shifted back. This state is not considered an independent disease. Most often it is complication after the postponed fimoz or other dangerous diseases which in due time were not treated. Besides, development of a state is influenced strongly by negligence of the man to the health.
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