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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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Operations procedure in case of road accident Legal issues
Порядок действий в случае ДТПIf you had an unpleasant situation, namely, there was a road accident, try not to panic, collect the strength and act. Yes, act! Not probably that everything already occurred and already nothing can be made. Everything just only begins, believe me. And the fact of road accident is the simplest.
How to use the ATM Business and finance
Как пользоваться банкоматомIt is about the simplest option when only it is required to receive cash in the ATM. It is habitual for someone for a long time, and someone never used the ATM. It is necessary to tell that the instructions provided in article can be only approximate as the software of ATMs can change a little.
Credit vacation Business and finance
Кредитные каникулыAmong borrowers there are a lot of those who is not capable to estimate correctly the opportunities, as a result become debtors of bank. And the situation with world financial crisis only aggravated a situation, having added to ranks of defaulters of the dismissed citizens. In such situation to hide and only to accumulate a debt – not the best exit. There are more acceptable decisions.
Bankruptcy of the citizen Legal issues
Банкротство гражданинаI think, everyone heard more than once that the enterprise went bankrupt. And after all this procedure can be carried out and concerning the natural person, that is any citizen. In what procedure of bankruptcy for citizens consists, what consequences it can have, I also want to tell readers of
How to receive the policy of compulsory health insurance on PBOYuL Legal issues
Как получить полис ОМС на ПБОЮЛUnfortunately, being registered as SP, many people do not know, on what social guarantees they can count and that it is necessary to make to receive payments for the sick-list, holiday, a child care leave till 1,5 years and other. I want to tell about it to readers of
The administrative penalty to pay or not Legal issues
Административный штраф, платить или нетOne of ways of preservation of an order in the state and submission of citizens to the law is administrative responsibility. Making any offense which result can be an infliction of harm material or moral concerning the state or citizens, and also concerning their property, we make an administrative offense.
Registration and use of a maternity capital Legal issues
Оформление и использование материнского капиталаIn support of the families having children, the Government of the Russian Federation created the special program. One of components of this program is the maternity capital. But, in spite of the fact that the program works within 2,5 years, many still have questions that this such and as it can be used.
Procedure of acceptance of inheritance Legal issues
Процедура принятия наследстваAbout unpleasant surprises it is better to foreknow and be prepared that then it was possible to be delighted sincerely. The inheritance can become one of such surprises. I suggest readers of to deal with that who can expect such gift and as it is correct to accept it or to be prepared for it.
Dismissal at the initiative of the employer Legal issues
Увольнение по инициативе работодателяFor anybody not a secret that relationship of the employer and the worker are regulated by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. The code begins with definition of the purpose of its creation. From its name it becomes already clear that the labor code is necessary to govern the labor relations of the parties, to solve disputable situations, and also as much as possible to protect interests of both parties.
How to avoid deprivation of the driving license Legal issues
Как избежать лишения водительских правEvery third resident of Russia has the privately owned vehicle. The car is necessary always and everywhere, not very well, for what purpose you use the favourite car. The main thing that if to take away opportunity to take the wheel, to insert a key into ignition and to go habitually at way for the road from you, you will feel the restrained.
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