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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Restoration of sight on Bates's method The other
Восстановление зрения по методу БейтсаMany people over the years acquire not only knowledge and experience, but also problems with sight. Diseases of eyes can be different, beginning from short-sightedness and far-sightedness and finishing with an astigmatism. As strongly many people who faced a similar problem dream to return sight back. It appears, it is possible to restore health of eyes if to do special gymnastics of Bates.
Treatment and prevention of a gipovitaminoz Diseases
Лечение и профилактика гиповитаминозаIt is not necessary to be the physician independently to decipher the term "gipovitaminoz". It is clear that it is about vitamins, and the prefix "hypo -" means their lack of an organism. This pathological state does not pose threat for human life, but extremely negatively influences its health and activity.
Enterofuril, instruction on application Drugs
Энтерофурил, инструкция по применениюMany people in summer months go on the vacation to the sea or in other interesting excursion trips. The organism of the adult and child differently reacts to change of a surrounding situation. In the unfamiliar district there are distinctions in water and food which use in some cases leads to so-called diarrhea of travelers. Enterofuril will help to avoid problems with intestines.
As the contraceptive ring works Gynecology
Как действует противозачаточное кольцоThe main requirement to any contraceptive – safety, simplicity in use and comfort. No wonder that in this sphere of medicine experts try to achieve perfection all the time, creating all new contraceptive preparations and adaptations. Today such novelty is the contraceptive hormonal ring of Novaring, and ladies know not all how to use it.
Treatment of ulcers in language Diseases
Лечение язв на языкеThe scattering small yazvochek in language first can seem insignificant defect which does not demand special attention. And here when the "soiled" place will inflame and will start hurting, it becomes clear: "sore" in itself will not descend therefore it is time to start being treated.
Treatment of a narcolepsy Diseases
Лечение нарколепсииIn languid embraces of Morpheus of people carries out a third of the life. The full-fledged night dream is necessary to us for restoration of the energy spent for last day. As a rule, 8 hours of a dream for rest, and to the child depending on age – are enough 10–18 hours for the adult.
Vitamins for heart The other
Витамины для сердцаIn modern conditions the intense vital rhythm became norm of life. Feeling periodically an indisposition and weakness, some people miss that fact that these feelings can be connected with heart. The matter is that under the influence of nervous tension this vital can quicker wear out, than manages to be restored.
As the kolposkopiya is carried out The other
Как проводится кольпоскопияThat the gynecologist could recommend effective therapy to the patient who came to reception, certainly, at first it is required to make the exact diagnosis. With it the doctor is helped by various researches, one of them – a kolposkopiya. This method allows not only to reveal pathology, but also to prevent development of an illness.
Affective and respiratory attacks at children Diseases
Аффективно-респираторные приступы у детейAsk any mother that the most important and valuable in life, and she right there will answer that this health of the child. Sometimes parents should face such children's diseases about which they before anything also did not hear! Especially helpless mother when it seems to her feels that she can help nothing to the kid.
As the allergy to a condom is shown The other
Как проявляется аллергия на презервативSafe sex – guarantee of health as men, and women. About it start learning younger generation nearly from the cradle today. And the most known and widespread means of protection from pregnancy and venereal diseases is, certainly, a condom.
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