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Useful tips on arrangement of your house, carrying out repair and finishing works, registration of an interior of the apartment. And also help in a choice of construction materials.
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Advantage of wild strawberry Plants
Польза земляникиThis small forest berry is called often the queen. Many fell in love with wild strawberry for gentle aroma and special taste. Not all know that not only berry is famous for these qualities, it is possible to tell about advantage of wild strawberry long.
Hypoallergenic breeds of dog Pets
Гипоаллергенные породы собакAllergy – quite unpleasant phenomenon, which to familiarly many people. To live, in something limiting itself, quite difficult. Especially, if it concerns pets. It should be noted at once that theoretically, in the world there are no dogs who do not cause an allergy at all. But there is such concept as hypoallergenic breeds of dog – communication with these animals is conditionally found possible.
Methods of fight against larvae of a may-bug Plants
Методы борьбы с личинками майского жукаIt is a lot of chagrin and efforts Colorado beetles, medvedka, provolochnik, caterpillars deliver to summer residents. But there are at garden cultures also other not less dangerous enemies. When on a kitchen garden or in a garden there are may-bugs and their larvae, that, eating the cultures which are diligently grown up by summer residents they can cause them serious damage.
Guppy, contents and leaving Pets
Гуппи, содержание и уходThe small aquarian small fish of the guppy – the beautiful representative of family of Petsiliyev. These gregarious viviparous fishes are remarkable multi-colored "dresses" and different modifications of tails. It is possible to lodge safely in an aquarium of one guppies, and the cheerful kaleidoscope will please you daily!
Cultivation hatior Plants
Выращивание хатиорыThere are such surprising and unusual houseplants, having looked on which, right there think how they in general could appear on a window sill among aloes habitual to an eye and a geranium? At times absolutely original copies by which to take place in shop very difficult meet – and there are a wish to decorate with them the house. A hatior succulent from family of the cactaceous – one of such plants.
Recipe of jam from sweet cherry Cookery
Рецепт варенья из черешниThe season of ripe sweet cherry therefore hostesses need to hurry is very short to manage to prepare the most tasty fragrant jam.
Useful properties of a peach Plants
Полезные свойства персикаThe large, ruddy, velvety, exhaling pleasant aroma peaches and tempt us with the appetizing look, having settled down on shelves of shops, fruit tents and on counters of the market. Inside they have a gentle, juicy pulp of delightful taste and a big rough stone. These fruits not only are beautiful and tasty, but also are very useful to health.
Maintenance of a gurama Pets
Содержание гурамиSmall fish of a gurama – fine option for those who wants to have houses a beautiful aquarium, without wishing to spend thus a lot of time for care of his inhabitants. As if are created by Gurami for such idlers: it is a pleasure to support the unpretentious small fish!
Cultivation of a kamnelomka Plants
Выращивание камнеломкиKamnelomka – the grassy perennial capable to form beautiful green "carpet" which in May-July is usually decorated with small florets. Gardeners like to decorate with these compact plants the personal plots. Especially as they are frost-resistant and durable. After blossoming it is possible to collect the seeds and to use them then for further reproduction of a kamnelomka on a site.
Kokhiya, landing and leaving Plants
Кохия, посадка и уходIf in your garden or near the house already there are beds with the blossoming odnoletnik, for example, barkhatets, calendulas, petunias, asters, but there is a wish for something original, suggests to get acquainted with one more annual plant – magnificent bushes of a kokhiya. It quickly grows, looks very beautifully not only in the summer, but also during an autumn time.
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