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Useful tips from the Hi-Tech area contain articles about the Internet, computers, mobile (cellular) communication, software and it is a lot of other information about the world of modern technologies.
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Popular expansions for Opera Internet and networks
Популярные расширения для finishes a cycle of articles about expansions for the most popular browsers. Now Opera time came. Statistically, Opera closes the three of leaders among browsers in Russia. Use it to 15% of users of the Runet.
The best expansions for Mozilla Firefox Internet and networks
Лучшие расширения для Mozilla FirefoxLiterally a few days ago offered the list of the best expansions for Google Chrome. Today Mozilla Firefox turn came. In the world nearly a third of Internet users uses it. Of course, developers of expansions could not avoid it.
Review of popular cloudy services Internet and networks
Обзор популярных облачных сервисовEvery year all become more popular cloudy storages of data. Yandex, Google, Mail.Ru – all giants of the market create "clouds". tries to understand what of them is better.
The best expansions for Google Chrome Internet and networks
Лучшие расширения для Google ChromeStatistically, the most popular browser is Google Chrome. Nearly a half of all Internet users uses it. But, if to be frank, many functions in it are not enough "from a box". Therefore made the list of expansions for Chrome which will make it the most convenient and functional.
How to crack the page of VKontakte Internet and networks
Как взломать страницу ВконтактеWho that did not speak, and thoughts were to crack someone's account in VKontakte at all. Someone wants "to check" the guy or the girl, someone wants to revenge, and it is simply interesting to someone, what yes as. will tell you as crack pages of VKontakte.
What has to be your site? Color matters! Internet and networks
Каким должен быть ваш сайт? Цвет имеет значение!For certain all of you heard about researches of the psychologists connected with influence of flowers. If you want that your site brought benefit and was effective, it has to be pleasant to users. And to be pleasant, it has to have attractive design. And color has not the last value here: the shade should not be simply pleasant, but also correspond to subject of the site.
That Linux or Windows is better Programs
Что лучше Linux или WindowsWindows of different versions occupies more than 90% of desktop personal computers, whereas the operating systems based on Linux — only about 3%, and it at perfect free of charge the majority of programs! Such impressive difference is caused by very low oznakomlennost of people with the world of OS. If in brief, Linux demands very more extensive knowledge of work with the device, than Windows.
Bulletin board on the Internet. One more possibility of earnings Internet and networks
Доска объявлений в Интернете. Еще одна возможность заработкаToday own business in the Network opens before the owner fascinating prospects for development of legal business activity which is carried out online. One of the most perspective directions which are not demanding big investments the electronic bulletin board which at competent raskrutkt can become a highly profitable resource is considered.
The SNPCh installation on the printer Computers
Установка СНПЧ на принтерWhat does this mysterious abbreviation of SNPCh mean? Everything is simple – system of continuous supply of ink. The continuity is that blackened much more, than in regular cartridges and it is necessary to fill system where is more rare. The SNPCh installation will demand from you some time and abilities. Also it is possible to go in two ways here.
Editing tags by means of Mp3tag Programs
Редактирование тегов с помощью Mp3tagMp3tag – the simple program in use for editing tags of popular audio of formats. Tags – information on data, i.e. the characteristic of files (a name, the version, date of creation, etc.). The Mp3tag program also has many other functions which you can examine in the course of use. It is possible to download the program free of charge from the site of the producer.
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